Did you know…a few years ago, a gf of mine was engaged to a CEO of a hedge fund. Their Park Ave apt was RIDIC, their many vacations were of lux-status, they had a fabulous set of friends, the list goes on & on. It really seemed as though she was living the fairy tale life.

Until she received a call from a 19 y.o. Eastern European girl asking to speak to her fiance.

Apparently, all those “work” trips that had him traveling so often to Europe ended up being more of the pleasure variety. Anywho, after they broke up, she moved out of their lush pad into a small 1 bedroom on UES. She did a fantastic job of putting her life back together – scored a fabulous TV gig, met a guy on the show that is now her husband, moved to Nashville & is now a happy mother to a beautiful son. However…

Before moving onto her next chapter, she decided to finalize the current one by googling her ex’s name.

Turns out, his name came up on a website that was dedicated to listing cheaters. I don’t remember the site she had used back then, but when I was told of this site called Cheater Registry, it totally reminded me of my gf’s story. She searched for her ex’s name on the site & found DOZENS of women – whom he had dated in the past – that told stories of his many infidelities, compulsive lying habit & his addiction to young (18+) Eastern European girls.

She was completely FLOORED.

After finding out all of his craziness, my gf suggested that I too, should goggle/search a guy that I am currently dating just to make sure that they don’t have a ‘reputation’.  A few years & many dates later, I still have yet to do this, but I have to admit – I am curious…

Would you ever check to see if the person you are dating could be a registered cheater???