Cheaters Nevah Win…

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Ok, normally I do not talk about news that has been written/televised/reported about ad nauseam – a.k.a. the Tiger Woods scandal.

BUT, I just had to post this video I saw on youtube that had been emailed to me from some random source.
A Taiwanese news channel showed an animated version of what they thought went down in Tiger’s home the eve of the accident…
And it’s effing hilarious!!!

Seriously though – isn’t cheating more complicated then just breaking it off?!?!

Happy Weekend Kissies,

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15 Comments on “Cheaters Nevah Win…”

  1. Taiwanese people are pretty freaking hilarious. My husband showed this to me and i tried to translate. The special effects – priceless.

  2. I totally agree, cheating does seem more complicated than just breaking it off with someone you're not really into; but I think that some people think of a relationship as a security blanket. Something they can hold onto until they find someone else. :/

  3. WOW! This was a good video reproduction on everything that possibly happened. It is a very sad story. Hate cheaters!
    B* a la Moda

  4. DUDE, I love that you got a gator themed word verification!! GO GATORS baby. Sorry. I just went all SEC on you. It's an exciting time for us UF alums right now. National Championship here we come. I bet you're not the least bit interested in any of that. Ah ha ha. Oh and I talked to Monica re: NYC dinner with my fave ladies. Can I say how freaking psyched I am????

  5. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I was waiting for Godzilla to appear!!!

    When tiger told his wife he wanted to play 18 holes, she didn't know he meant that he was going out with 9 women!!

  6. LOVED meeting you the other night! Can't wait to see Brothers! Also, I sent my mom to your blog…she's dating and I thought it would be so much fun for her to read your blog too!!

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