Current Stat: I Now Know Why the Jerkface Pool has Gotten Deeper.

Written by on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009 with 14 comments
Sooo… remember my “Double Dose Of Nonsense” post from a few days ago? Well make that quadruple dose –
A. Let’s begin with this Saturday, when I received yet another heartwarming text from Phone-O-Phone:

‘Hey – Are you doing anything tonight?’

Go Away.

B. Let’s us now move on to Misc Finance Guy, who so kindly contacted moi after his very important week long trip to FL, of which he needed to give me a break-down via text:

‘Hey! Key West was a good time. Did some fun water sports. Day trips also. How are you?’

Go away.

C. Last and the least interesting, let’s conclude the jerkface pool gathering (for this eve) with Lie R. McShaydee. Remember- from waaay back in MARCH? The jf who kept making all kinds of crazy excuses for not calling (even though he asked me for my contact info – another one!). For ex: I’m at my niece’s party (at 9:30pm on a wkdy??), my friend’s sister died….BULL-ah, BULL-ah.

Well, McShaydee sends me an email last night:

‘Hey! Sorry I hadn’t gotten back to you. I lost my phone with your number. I’d love to get back in contact with you. Hope you’re doing well :-)’

Go Faaar Away. Please.

You guys know I have been doing this online dating thing for sometime now right? And even though some (most) of the relationships do not work out (for good/bad reasons,whatever it may be), the point is there was an opp for a date-ship. Not this high school crap. I couldn’t figure out why this particular season was soo saturated with guys who were flaky. Then I read on the dating site:

It is now free to LOOK & BROWSE on this site.

Well there ya go! Even though an unpaid member can’t contact someone, they can peruse all they want and then jump into contact after payment. This is different than paying upfront, which most (not all) of the time separates those who are seriously looking to date and those who just want to “hook-up”. Gross.

My specific online dating pool has officially been taken over by the J.F.’s. For now anywayz.

I’m not feeling so great about this online dating thing anymore…;-(

no kissies today,

p.s. for those who are not on Twitter, my gf send me this to warn y’all of the psychos that are out there – pure insanity:

14 Comments on “Current Stat: I Now Know Why the Jerkface Pool has Gotten Deeper.”

  1. Awwww, I'm sorry :(. Hang in there girly. It will be ok. It just hasn't been right yet. Don't let the jerks dishearten you! You are too fun and funny to be down!!

  2. Hang in there! Don't let the jerk's get the best of you! They may be jerks now, but when you do meet the right guy, the jerks will be funny stories!
    There is a guy out there, the one you are thinking of, looking for you!! I hope I said it as non cheesy as possible 🙂

  3. Being single is much better that waking up next to someone and thinking, "God, I wish I was not with this idiot"! LOL Hang in there, and it is unacceptable that we did not get any XXXOOO's LMAO!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yipppppes! 🙁

    Sorry to hear about that. On the other hand,I do have some cute boys for you. Would that count as an online date since we haven't met yet– but will very sooon? 🙂

  5. lol. I swear I don't know what these boys are thinking. Sorry to read that they are wasting your time 🙁 My guess is they feel that they are "making an effort" to meet someone by doing the whole…"can I get your #?" and the "wait 3 days-a week to call/or not call"…After a while I think you can sniff out the serious ones from the time/air/space wasters. Hang in there!
    ~long time lurker

  6. they are so gross!!! I just know that you are going to find a good guy….it sounds like there are even more dbags in ny than here!!!

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