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Dear Midtown Girl,

I’ve been talking (actually texting) with one of my online matches for almost 3 weeks now. We spoke on the phone once (it was a short call, late in the evening because he was traveling the next day). Our text conversations sometimes go on for hours and we seem to have so much in common. He still hasn’t asked me out yet, he says his schedule is crazy but once it calms down “we should definitely grab a drink.” I know he’s busy, but seriously why is it taking him so long to ask me out?

If you’ve been texting (!!) for over 3 weeks now and there was only one call between you guys, this could mean one or all of the following:

1. He already has a girlfriend/wife.

2. He’s “talking” to lots of women and trying to juggle them in order of interest.

3. He is not interested in anything serious.

All of the above means you need to end the convo with this guy. Even though text convos are acceptable, a guy who is truly interested in you would have absolutely made time to chat with you more than once and would have absolutely have asked you out by now. 3 weeks is way too long to be talking to a guy without making a date to meet IRL. Something is shady about him (see bullet points above), I would totes move onto a new guy doll.

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