Dear Midtown Girl,

I’ve wanted to email you for a while and decided to do it now because I need your help. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 6 years and things are not going well. The last few months have been tough, it’s like I’m living with a roommate. Lately he takes forever to answer my texts/calls and he started to hang out with his friends more. I asked him if there was someone else in the picture and he said no. We went to a family wedding last weekend and he barely spoke to me but was on his phone the whole time. On top of that, he was wearing a new suit which I didn’t even know he bought (he hates shopping). Are these signs that he could be seeing someone else? How do I know if he’s cheating on me?

Since I don’t know your bf, I can’t confirm that he’s cheating. But, I can confirm the MAJOR signs that he COULD be cheating.  Here are 10 signs your boyfriend could be cheating on you:

  1. He gets agitated when you ask him what he’s doing online.
  2. He turns his cell OFF (not silent) when he goes to sleep. That way his cell doesn’t light up with her calls.
  3. When you call him at work, he sounds annoyed and wants to get you off the phone as soon as possible.
  4. His social life starts to get more “social”.
  5. He buys new, dressier clothes but you & him haven’t gone out in weeks.
  6. He starts a beauty regimen (new cologne, different toothpaste, etc.).
  7. He starts going to those work happy hours, but he’s not really a drinker.
  8. He doesn’t invite you to his “work functions”. Remember when he was so excited to show you off to his buddies?
  9. He receives texts(not emails) late in the night. Even corporate guys rarely ‘text’ their co-workers in the eve.
  10. Your love life is non-existent.
Make sure to keep an eye out doll. If you are experiencing 3 or more of these signs….your man could be cheating (scroll down for my P.S.). 

Dahlings, feel free to email me your Ask MG questions or leave them in the comments below. <3


P.S. – here’s my experience…

My Ex-Ex and I dated for 7 years with the final year ending in a painful mess. It was exactly what you stated above, like living with a roommate. We would pass each other in the apt and not say a word. Then one week, he went out to a holiday party. After that party, more “company” functions started taking place (“my co-worker just got a new job”, “it’s this guy’s birthday” etc.).


After a few weeks, things got way too obvious and he finally confessed to cheating. I felt like an idiot for not realizing it sooner, so I googled “how to know if your boyfriend is cheating“. A private investigator site came up that specialized in cheating spouses and..

I literally checked off 8 out of the 10 cheating signs that he had listed.

I could not BELIEVE all the signs I had missed. But honestly, I never thought he would ever cheat on me. Just be sure to double check that list above if your instincts are telling you something’s up. 😉

top image: iceyfeisty on weheartit