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Everyone has an opinion,  especially when it comes to who you should be dating. As I embark on getting back into the dating market, I started doing my own polling of my friends about what type of mate they picture me with. Looking at other couples, you kind of see how they mirror each other. Whether it’s the Brooklyn hipster couple shopping in Urban Outfitters or the collegiate intellectuals wearing matching Harvard sweaters… they all look “paired off.”

I often wonder what my boyfriend would look like, what traits he’d mirror of me (hopefully my good fashion sense).

Who my friends think I should date. My friends seem to have a general consensus “tattooed, creative and has a job”. Bare minimum would be employed. I definitely need someone with a creative outlet as I’m a creative person myself. However, they seem to have different opinions on what career and personality traits he should have. I was listing out my ideal mate with my best friend (remember making those lists in middle school?). When I finished my list, I concluded “where am I going to find a guy like that?!” And she blurted out “EMINEM!”. Some friends also like a Louis CK type for me. Both are older, have lived through some shit and have very similar senses of humor to mine.
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Who my mom thinks I date. “Why can’t you date a nice boy?” I would think that would be the criteria for every woman, no? Just her definition of a “nice boy” is much different from mine. My family jokes that they’ll be shocked if I show up with Bob the Accountant. That’s never been my type and I don’t plan on starting now. Sorry Bob.
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Who I seem to attract. Sarcastic Brooklyn hipsters. Like bees to honey, my sarcastic sense of humor seems to be a challenge for them like my co-worker who likes to engage in “playground flirtation.” We’re not 5 and this isn’t the sandbox. Grow up.
Everyone agrees that he should be educated, have some type of career going for himself, can be just as sarcastic as I can (and knowing my family… I’m the less sarcastic one!) and perhaps be more socially outgoing than me since I’m very introverted. It’s interesting they tend to disagree on what his career might be, certain personality traits and age.

Now tell me… are there major discrepancies in the type of men your friend’s chose for you?


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