Dear Midtown Girl,

I love my best friend but she tells me everything about her relationship. Like everything…I can’t. Every Time I see her she goes into explicit details about her love life and it makes me crazy uncomfortable. She’s not trying to show off or anything, she’s really telling me things for advice and stuff but I just don’t want to know all this info. I don’t need to know everything about her boyfriend (especially physical details describing his body…UGH). How can I tell her that even though I’m here for her, her conversations are TMI?!

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Some people need to learn the art of editing. Every time I had dinner with this one gf, I felt like I was listening to an adult cable channel. I wanted to tell her that she was telling me WAY TOO MUCH, but felt that if I did, she would get offended. But really, her convos were offending me. It was even worse when cocktails were involved & we were surrounded by other friends.

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Finally, one eve I just came out and said to her ” damn girl I love you but I don’t need to know EVERY SINGLE DETAIL!” She got the point and since then our convos have been entertaining without all the private deets of her love life. Tell your gf that she is queen of TMI, in an honest but sweet way, and she will totes get the hint.

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