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Dear MG, 

I’m in an awkward situation right now. My best friend (since high school) and my ex have been ‘friends’ ever since he & I  first started dating (a year ago). We broke up a few months ago but have been friendly since we are in the same social circles. Recently, I noticed my best friend & ex have been spending more time together and when I confronted her, she told me my ex had asked her out on a date. What the fuck. I was so upset about this but pretended that it didn’t bother me because I didn’t want to seem hung up on my ex. She told me she wouldn’t go out with him if I had a problem with it, but since he’s my ex, “it shouldnt be that big of a deal”. I have a feeling even if I told her I was upset about it, she would still go out with him anyway. I wish I never introduced them to each other. What should I do about this/say to her?

Real friends do not dip into the ex pool. Regardless if you & your ex are friends or not, your best friend should not have been hanging out with him or even contemplating going out with him. That’s just bad friend behavior. Her asking you for your opinion but then saying it “shouldn’t be a big of a deal”, means she really doesn’t care about your feelings for the situation, just her potential dateship with your ex. Even though you have been friends since high school, sometimes friendships run their course. This one sure sounds like it did doll, and for your emotional & mental sake, you should distance yourself from the both of them STAT.

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