Closet Shopping: What to wear with please?

Written by on Monday, August 10th, 2009 with 18 comments

My Bloggy Fashion Lovelies…

So I went closet shopping again, since its waaay more cost-effective than the real deal (although not as exhilarating, but whatevz!) and found these:

Loubie Tie-Back Blck Suede Ankle Booties

I’ve only worn these once, last yr, and it was with a pair of skinny jeans (while on a date with a uba-skinnny guy – yeesh). So my question is –

Any ideas as to what I can wear these with besides leggings/skinny jeans?


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18 Comments on “Closet Shopping: What to wear with please?”

  1. Oh my. Well…how about jeggings…hahaha I crack myself up.

    I love them!! Can I go shopping in your closet when I come? 🙂
    kisses lovebug!

  2. I will have to pass on answering this one, I don't think that my answer would be appropriate! LMFAO! Hey, I am a guy, afterall!!!!

  3. I would totally rock those with a mini dress or maybe a skirt and some over the knee socks when it gets cooler. They're delicious!

  4. Hmmm. Shoes reveal so much about a person, far more than their actual clothes.
    These shoes are playful yet kinda Pat Benatar, you know? Like kitten with a whip, or just a kitten with a glare.
    I think you're best bet is to wear them with something simple, basic black dress, tasteful accessories. Just keep it all simple so that anything can evolve!
    Oh, I grew up in the garment industry 😉

  5. I love your Loubie booties!

    Think they'll go quite well with a dark denim mini skirt, black tights, vest top and a blazer with rolled up sleeves.

  6. Great boots, but I'm stumped.

    Although hot, I'm all about comfort and I don't these shoes would make the cut.

  7. They would look great with tights or very very skinny jeans. I'm so Jealous lol Cant wait to see how you wear them

  8. Hiya. How could I miss these lovely gems? I would wear them with a mini tunic dress. Or a full skirted ensemble. Show off them legs!

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