Chicken heads, *ahem* I mean gold – diggers, have it made when it comes to finding their money… whoops, I meant “match“. Online Dating has never been so profitable – who knew you could gold-dig in cyberspace?? Here are some (waaaay too many, btw) sites for those chickens looking for that special daddy love – $$$ – “We have thousands of successful and attractive members who recognize that life is there to be lived.” (the sweeeet life, that is 😉 – “Find A Rich Sugar Daddy.” (ca-ching!) – “Find rich sugar daddies and beautiful girls for mutually beneficial…” (bow-chicka-bow-bow) – “A sugar baby appreciates how well her sugar daddy is treating her and that he is trying to make her life better and easier in all the ways he can.” (is the Merriam-Webster definition??) – “Meet Serious Sugar Daddies.” (these daddies are serious ok!) – “We Only Accept Men Who Can Prove They Make $100k+.” (100k is considered wealthy? whatever! and how can they prove this?? are they pimping out their accountants as well – dayam!) – “Find the Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby of your Dreams.” (it’s like a daily Skank journal!!)