Suggestions for Mah Random Questions…please?

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Sooo random…but that’s why I heart the bloggy world!

1) What would be a good nail color for the fall?
(not a fan of super dark colors and bored with my french mani pedi’s)

2) Any suggestions for a delish evening snack that is not too crazy in the caloric content but still yummy as hell?
(deathly bored of my fruit plates)

3) I want to add a pop of color with a new pashmina:
turquoise/amethyst/tangerine…which color/what other colors?

4) Beret or Cloche hat for the fall?

Love you bloggy babes!!


p.s. – the meetMoi post was more of an educational update – not my cup of tea, but good luck to those who decide to try 😉 XOXO

21 Comments on “Suggestions for Mah Random Questions…please?”

  1. I use light pink for my nails. A delightful snack could be cheese and nuts (any tipe of cheese)I love light blue for pashminas ( I've got a Burberry one and it is so cute), and of course a beret!

  2. Sounds strange, but hot cinnamon tea at night is very satisfying. It's just sweet enough to crave the sweet tooth issue and fills you up.

    I can't believe Otin can't give advice on nail polish color….

  3. If you crave sweet try reqular flavor laughing cow light mixed with cinnamon or honey on a low fat graham cracker. It's like a little bite of cheese cake.

  4. 1. I am a frnech mani/pedi girl myself. If I ever branched into colors, it would have to be a pale pink. I have seen several from Essie that look great.

    2. Are you thinking sweet something? Sometimes I buy 1% organic chocolate milk to drink in the evenings. It is just enough sweet without being too sweet and it isn't terrible for you. Also Kefir is good (essentially drinkable yogurt, but seems less scary to me than the actual stuff that is marketed as drinkable yogurt). Or yogurt covered raisins. Laughing Cow makes some great frozen stuff (depending on how big your freezer is). In terms of just regular snacks, what about hummus or edamame?

    3. I am a big fan of turquoise for pashminas. What about a plum color or a burnt sienna?

    4. Cloche hat.

    Hope this helps.

  5. 1. I recently found my new fall color! A medium gray called Galaxy from urban outfitters. Althought it's sort of a dark color, it's not too too dark and perfect for fall. Check it out here:

    2. Granola with chocolate chips or fruit has always been a good evening snack for me. It's sweet, yet doesn't have the calories or amount of sugar that candy or cookies do.

    3. I have a turquoise pashmina and I wear it EVERYWHERE in the winter. It's just a great pop of color in the winter. I also have a Bubblegum pink one that I wear a lot too. I suggest either color!

    4. beret. obvs.

  6. 1. As a nailpolish fiend I find this question too vague, lol. I suggest you check out OPI's new "Espana" collection. Many fall-ish colors there. Also check out – thousands of swatches categorized by color =)

    2. I like South Beach Living snack bars, Dove mini ice-cream bars [very low cal]. Also hummus, laughing cow cheese over a wheat thin. Finally, when I am really hungry at night I eat salsa [or bruschetta] with toasted wheat pita chips


    4. After seeing the Changeling last night I am in lust with Cloche hats =)

  7. Cloche, cloche, cloche! They are soooo pretty 🙂 Ooh and a pistachio pashmina…or a peach! Hope you're having an absolutely wonderful day dear.

  8. I say go with the cloche hat : ) I have never even heard of that before. It sounds more chic than a beret : )

    I always think Red is a nice nail color. It will drive the boys crazy : )

    A night snack? Popcorn? I am a TERRIBLE person to ask about food. I love it all. Every. single. kind : ). Sad but true!

  9. I thought that I would try dating
    but I could not take the berating
    I learned to cook
    and read a good book
    Then spent my nights masturbating!!


  10. Cloche!!!!!! PLEASE that is just so effing fabulous.

    I'm gonna say pistachio! And as far as nails, I wear black…LIKE MY HEART lol. 🙂 So I know you don't like that….

    Love you woman.

  11. OPI has some great dark nail polishes! The one in my giveaway is called dark cherry chutney and it's this really pretty dark purple.

  12. I vote for turquoise!

    And for a snack, take graham crackers (I think they even make low calorie or reduced fat ones) and make little sandwiches with fat free Cool Whip and keep in the freezer. Almost like an ice cream sandwich, but waaaayy less fat and calories.

    Or I could always send you cupcakes! 😉

  13. for Fall nail polish, i'm thinking a nice light plum and deep plum will be good. i just saw an add for dark blue too…never done that one!

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