Like it or not – Tinder has revolutionized modern dating. Since it’s creation how many apps have tried to copy it’s success? Many! There’s a reason… it created a new habit.

I consider myself an “old school” dater in that I like to exchange messages on a site/app, then exchange numbers (when I feel comfortable), talk a few times THEN meet. I know… crazy. However, when I downloaded Tinder (a year ago?) I’ve noticed a shift in my habits, or shall I say, patience.

I’ve been on Match for 6 months and my subscription is about to expire.

I’m not going to continue with it because I’ve honestly only had one decent conversation. Most of the messaging happens on the weekend but after that most don’t respond back for the rest of the week. Why would you want a week in between messages? It just kills any connection you were building. And none of the guys asked for any contact info after chatting for hours on Match. Perhaps they are not interested but I think it’s just a mindset a dating site creates versus Tinder.

I once again re-downloaded Tinder and I was balancing 4 conversations at once.

SO SCANDALOUS. Yes, you have to dig past the weirdos but I ended up having a decent chat with one guy and we exchanged numbers. Immediately after messaging him my number on Tinder, he texted me. That’s how you do it fellas!

I feel like Tinder has gotten me in the habit of expecting conversations to flow quicker and to get more instaneous feedback from potential matches. I used to like to take the time to get to know these potential matches. Exchanging a few matches, you can really weed out the crazies.

However, I’m finding myself too impatient with Match these days.

But Kim, Match has an app! Yeah but I don’t find that users use it that much throughout the day (or ones I want to talk to). Most of my conversations were on the weekend and weren’t through the app.

So tell me lovelies… how quickly do you like conversations to move along? Has it changed as technology has progressed?


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photo: Viktor Hanacek