Holy Crap.

To say Microsoft Kin‘s marketing is ingenious would be an understatement. The vid above is part of  ‘The Journey’ series, in which a chick named Rosa travels across the U.S. – with her trusty KIN, of course – to meet various peeps IRL from her Facebook account. Her goal is to find out “Are We Really Friends with Our Friends”.

In the above clip, she meets the ‘online flirt’ fb friend,  Matty Goldberg, who…totally reminded me of an online date gone horrifically wrong. I almost broke out with a case of IBS watching this vid…too real for words!

Anywho, this past Mon I had the opp to see how the Kin works at its launch party held at Meet at the Apartment in Soho (loves!). Let’s see how KIN’s features would work for MG:

  • Loop -this is fav central, giving you latest updates from your fav social media sites (for me it is Twitter & FB). This way I know what current stat is with my besties, fellow fashionistas & my peeps in the world-o-singledom. Holler.
  • Spot –with this, you can instantly share photos, texts, etc, by just dragging them to a “spot” on your phone just in case you forg0t what your online date looks like. LOL – no seriously, this has happened to me…WTH. No separate app to open!
  • Studio – No need to worry if you ever accidentally leave your cell in cab, like I once did. You will always have your messages, contacts, photos & vids stored on the web.
  • Camera – perfect for when I take Midtown/NYC shots & send to Twitter, the KIN has a super powerful flash & HD vid. Maybe I should vid my next date…yay or nay?!?
  • Zune – I can listen to all my music that I downloaded from my pc/mac while I walk Midtown Pups & window shop or…while walking back to my apt after a craptastic date. For shiz.

So…KIN will be avail from Verizon Wireless (exclusively) in the U.S. beg. in May. For more info on MSFT’s KIN visit here: KIN

MG & darlings Deanne of Dream Sequins & Jaime of The Beauty of Life Blog

Dahlings – what are your thoughts on Microsoft’s KIN???