10. Lying about age – if you do, better know the faux year you were born then, so you don’t look like you are doing a mental math problem when they ask.

9. Lying about weight – what makes you think the guy won’t notice when they meet you? Voluptuous, thick, curvy, whatever you are – please be real!

8. Setting up more than one online date in an eve – that looks super skanky, especially if you get caught doing it…

7. Will only go out for dinner not just for a drinkscreams user/gold-digger – where’s your decorum, seriously…ugh!

6. Lying about single status – you have a bf but just want to “hook up” ..uhm that’s called a HO! Now you made them think it’s just that easy to get some – puhlease hoochie – stick with craigslist then!

5. Puts up a fake pic – so, so very sad…

4. Requires all guys to be over 6’0 tall – either you are under 5’0 or you need to get a book on self esteem, please 😉

3. Saying anything sexual in her profile – supa, dupa ho. That’s just plain gross.

2. Requires a certain income level – ah, even if you do, are really insane enough to put that down – dayam!

And the #1 thing chicks put in their profiles that messes it up for the rest of us girls…
1. Talks negatively about their ex in their profile – ex. ‘looking for a guy who is honest bc my ex was a lying cheating douche, blah, blah…’. Remember the rules of an interview? Never bad mouth your current or last boss…you can discuss issues/probs with your ex later on, if it gets to that point. Otherwise u make us chicks look like we are jaded, man-haters…hello!