Hi MG,

I saw your tweet during last Friday’s #datechat about January being the most popular month to sign up for an online dating site. What are your thoughts on signing up for more than one site? I’m not desperate, I just want to make the most out of the experience…

Back in the day, I joined 2 dating sites at the same time for a short period of time.  I dropped one of the sites when it was clear to me which one led to better dates. Signing up for more than one dating site is totally fine, but you need to make sure your profiles are not exactly the same.

Here are 3 tips when using multiple dating sites, so you don’t look like you’re on THE mission to find a boyfriend:

  1. Pick similar usernames. If your profiles have completely different names, it’ll look like you’re trying too hard to look like you’re not on more than one site. Most people who online date search through different sites to see what their search criteria will yield. So chances are, they will see your profile anyway. Let them know that you want them to see it! 
  2. Use a different main picture for each profile. It’s not that you’re trying to fool anyone by using different pics, you just want to show that you are genuinely interested in meeting someone. Repeat pics will give off a ‘serial online dater’ impression.
  3. Change up the description in your profile. You don’t have to totally re-word your profile, just list some of your varied interests on each one. Make each description unique, truthful & one that best represents what you are looking for in a potential partner.

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