Current Status: Guy on the fly…

Written by on Thursday, October 30th, 2008 with 2 comments
Sooo…Dr. 85034 is coming to NYC! He’s arriving tom eve and staying until Tues. Just got off the phone with him and we made tentative plans for Monday – for dinner & drinks. At first he wanted to know if I preferred to pick the place, but I never do, since it just feels right to have the guy do all the work (hello!)….

He says he will call me when he gets to NYC and we may even meet over the weekend if there’s an opportunity, (and before the Sunday marathon which, if you recall, he will be running in – whatevaz!). Since I will be running around the city and he’s prob visiting some fam or something (who cares), we’ll see if meeting before Monday pans out.

So, it’s going to feel a bit strange since I’ve been talking to this guy for some time now and haven’t see him in person…I so hope he’s not all jacked up in face (sometimes you can’t tell in pics). We shall see…

2 Comments on “Current Status: Guy on the fly…”

  1. Nice. Good luck!

    Where do you find these fellows? I’ve noticed guys in other states look better. lol

    Especially in Cali … I dare to dream. 🙂

  2. ok, let me just say in my dating experience non-nyc guys have a totally different vibe..not so cocky or materialistic, more real and less cheesy..but of course this is a generalization. Btw west coast dudes are a different breed depending on which part of the west coast…BUT guys not from NYC are definitely ones you should not rule out, they are actually my favs!

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