My Date Outfit Pics – finally popped up on my download list!

Written by on Monday, April 27th, 2009 with 7 comments
Crappy phone-camera pics again, but you get the idea – right! SF loved my heels – and they weren’t even stripper height – LOL.

Faux wrap dress from forever 21 – $35!

Fendi zebra-stripe, pony-hair, peep-toe pumps (not $35!)

Coral Chanel Soft Bag – priceless, LOL!


7 Comments on “My Date Outfit Pics – finally popped up on my download list!”

  1. oh my absolutely yummy! great picks!! i love how you picked a different color purse to make your whole outfit Pop!

  2. very lovely! and that date with Sporto sounded great! I love especially the ‘what are you looking for conversation’ and he said Mrs______

  3. Thanks for your thought dahlings!

    Now, if I still have that date w. SF, I have to figure out what to wear for tomorrow..dilemmas, dilemmas – LOL!

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