Current Status: Soo not interested…

Written by on Tuesday, January 13th, 2009 with 2 comments
in IBG. Nope, Not even a modicum of interest, and I really searched. So unnatural…

As soon as IBG got back into NYC, he texts me, suggesting we make dinner plans for a day early in the week. Day comes, my sched is crazy, so I edit dinner plans to just drinks since I have tons of stuff to do later that eve. We meet at a small wine bar in E. Village, share a bottle of white and talk about our NYE’s celebrations. Convo was ok, but the prob was he wasn’t as attractive as I thought he was…I mean he wasn’t un-aItalicttractive, just ‘eh, you know? Note to self – do not mix first meets with spirits!

Another thing, was that almost every topic started or ended with ‘my friends & I went’, ‘and my friend said’, ‘some of my friends are’ blah blah, ‘i have a friend that’, ‘my friend & I’… stop with the friend bs already – damn!

In any case, we ended the night with a sweet exchange but on my way home, I was completely dissatisfied – emotionally, mentally & physically – I was freakin starving. Sheesh.

2 Comments on “Current Status: Soo not interested…”

  1. So I’m going to go on and say that you may be too hard on some of your friends. First of all, He suggested dinner, you said drinks. That you’re starving after is your fault. I say, give him another chance when you have a little more time to sit and talk to him.

  2. I agree. i wasn’t really interested in him to begin with, prob wanted to make plans bc no one else more interesting was in the picture…I should just go with my instinct instead of wasting time trying to make something out of nothing. he’s still a nice guy, just not for me, bc i would never resched a dinner for drinks if i really like someone. oh well, guess that’s part of dating…

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