in IBG. Nope, Not even a modicum of interest, and I really searched. So unnatural…

As soon as IBG got back into NYC, he texts me, suggesting we make dinner plans for a day early in the week. Day comes, my sched is crazy, so I edit dinner plans to just drinks since I have tons of stuff to do later that eve. We meet at a small wine bar in E. Village, share a bottle of white and talk about our NYE’s celebrations. Convo was ok, but the prob was he wasn’t as attractive as I thought he was…I mean he wasn’t un-aItalicttractive, just ‘eh, you know? Note to self – do not mix first meets with spirits!

Another thing, was that almost every topic started or ended with ‘my friends & I went’, ‘and my friend said’, ‘some of my friends are’ blah blah, ‘i have a friend that’, ‘my friend & I’… stop with the friend bs already – damn!

In any case, we ended the night with a sweet exchange but on my way home, I was completely dissatisfied – emotionally, mentally & physically – I was freakin starving. Sheesh.