Cute. I use that adjective alot, but I think sooo many things are…including SF.

Ok, so late last week, SF & I were trying to set up some plans for this past weekend. I told him I was free on Sat, and he said Sat would work, but he wasn’t sure what he was planning to do since it was the Final Four game and his team, Villanova, was playing. As you all know, he is OCD for his Alma Mater and he was not going to miss this game. Not a prob for me, I actually was excited for him and had gotten used to his “are you fired up texts” at this point. LOL.

Thursday night he gives me a call ad we catch up on our past weekend and activities. Towards the end of our convo…

HE: “So are you ready yet?”
ME: “For this weekend?”
HE: “Yes!!!”
ME: “Yes I’m preparing now ;-)”
HE: “Hey, what size are you?”
ME: “Uhm, well 4, on a good day, 6 on a not so good day.”
HE: “Gotcha.”
ME: “Why?”
HE: “Just asking.”

Ah, ok? Does he have a size preference? I mean I’m not skinny but, def no where near heavy – I’m happy. Actually, truth is I would love to have totally flat abs and I am so eyeing that ab coaster I have seen on those infomercials. Does anyone have one??? It’s ginormous and would never fit into my apt – but I need

So, Friday comes and I shoot him a text…

ME: So what’s the plan?
HE: You take the train to CT. I’ll pick you up. Back to my house. I’m having friends over to watch the game. Drinks, food and fun.
ME: Sounds like a plan to me! Can I bring my dog?
HE: Of course! She will love it here.
ME: I know right.
HE: I’m just worried about you.
ME: Me? No way I’m sure it will be a great time 😉

So this is interesting, it’s 4 weeks since SF & I started talking and I am actually going to meet some of his friends!? Last time I have made it this far with someone was 2 summers ago… I know, sad but true! It’s fine, though – things happen for a reason right??

It’s now Sat morning and I’m wondering what the plan is for the evening if I haul all the way up to CT. Am I taking a train back? Is he gonna drive me home? (not likely since it would be a 2 hour drive back & forth and his friends are there). Am I staying over??

I’m a little nervous now (I’m such a wimp!). And I didn’t sleep well at all the night before. SF texts me super early with a smiley face – clearly he is excited about this game (I forget who they were playing against, shush Jen!). I text back…

ME: Do you know what time the last train is?
HE: I don’t but I can check. You are welcome to stay here, plenty of room kid!

Oh gosh, now I am super nervous!! Not about him, but about staying over…this is soo weird bc the first few weeks we spoke I wasn’t even very interested in him, but over the last few, his enthusiasm grew on me and now I am really looking forward to seeing him…shucks 😉 Do I sound like I’m 12? yeesh.

Anywho, it’s getting later in the afternoon, and I’m actually tossing around the idea of making some excuse to cancel bc I’m that nervous and then I get a text…

HE: Hey, if you get here before 5ish we can grab some pre-game dinner.
ME: Actually I won’t be able to get there until later bc I have to work on a few things before I get there. (Lie)
HE: Ok, let me know what train you catch.

Ahh! Ok, I am going to do this. I’m going up there and gonna meet his friends and stay over. Right? Lol. So I pack a weekender (not my LV – too showy, but my T. Burch) get dressed in a pink polo (collar up or down?), navy cardigan, J.Brand jeans (my abs fav!) and my Dolce heels (gotta throw in some flair!) and doggie & I head off to Grand Central.

I let SF know what train I’m catching and he tells me he will be there to pick me up when I arrive. I get on the train and we head off to CT. Doggie is giving me some drama but everyone (including conductor) on the train is totally in love with her and she is getting attention as if she were a celebrity. It was soo adorable and actually helped calm her down – thanks fellow passengers!

I finally get to the destined stop in CT and as I walk out, SF is parked outside waiting for me – how sweet! He gets my things and we are off to his house. We pull up into the driveway and I ask-

ME: “How many people are here?”
HE: “Around 6 or so including my friend’s wife.”

Thank goodness I am not the only female – whew.

HE: “So let’s get you settled and you can change into your jersey before the game.”


ME: “What jersey?”
HE: “The one I ordered for you. I hope it fits!”

LOL. No way!?

So we walk inside and I get a quick look around – what a nice home SF has!! Def not many feminine touches here – I would classify his style as Classic Nautical Americana with various flag memorabilia and boat (which he also has 😉 references, i.e. anchors and such. Cute & cute!

We walk into the kitchen, I put my stuff down and doggie starts to run around the house like she owns it – love this dog! She runs into the living room, where his guests are and I hear someone yell out –

“Where did this gerbil come from?”

Uhm, what jerkface just said that?? Douche.

SF says to me –

“Your jersey is hanging on the door of my room. Go upstairs and change and we can head in and watch the game.”

Lol. I walk upstairs and see the Jersey hanging on the knob. I throw it over my cardi, glance in the mirror – fits great! – and head back downstairs.

“It looks great on you!” he says. We head in and I get introduced to his the gang. I ask in a joking manner, “ok guys, who called my dog a gerbil!”. Apparently it was one of the two douches who had left just a few minutes earlier – I had a feeling it was them – good riddens!

SF pours me a glass of white while I take a seat next to his friend’s wifey and she and I start chatting away about anything and everything. 3 glasses later I hear SF tell his friends “sheesh these two haven’t stopped talking since the game started, wish they were this enthused about the game!”. We laugh and pretend to be focused on the game for 5 secs before we start chatting about something else.

So games ends and SF’s teams loses! Aww, poor thing…he says out loud “it’s ok, it was a good run guys!”. So he wasn’t super down about it, which I was so glad for – thank freakin’ goodness!

As his friends leave, I ask SF if we can go some where for a drink. He says, “of course” and we head out to a lounge in the area. We order cocktails and start chatting about CT and his friends, etc. As we talk I’m realizing that I haven’t eaten for quite some time. It’s not that I’m hungry now, it’s that I think I’m getting – drunk! And I think SF is too… and I’m not sure what I am talking about in the convo so I’m praying that my instincts kick in and I do not talk about anything that is unnecessary at this point in our dating-ship.

Apparently I was right about SF being drunk, or at least verrry tipsy and we catch a cab back to his house. According to him, I was going on and on about how I coudn’t stay (I think it was 2am or so) and how I needed to get home and blah, blah. I prob was acting like a total baby and next thing I know its 8:30am the next morning – ha! I woke up and he was like “you were gonna go home!” I do not even remember this! Why would I do that?? Ridiculous!

Sometimes I just don’t get myself at all…anyway we are both hung over, doggie is curled up in the most comfy position on top of him and I am in great spirits. I tell him I want to see his neighborhood especially since it was an uber gorgoeus day outside. He totally agrees, so we get ready and head out to explore the area.

We grab coffee and he drives around the parks, posh CT golf courses, what he calls “McMansions” and the beautiful water views of the sound. The day is sooo perfect. Everyone is out with their dogs and I keep saying how this dog is cute and that house is cute, so much so that as we pass by a house SF is like “yea that’s a cute one”. I turn and say “I see I’m rubbing off on you.” 😉 We make a quick stop by a pet store so I can can buy one of those Nyla bone thingys so that doggie can chew on it and not her carrier ;-(

After getting back to the house, I start to get my stuff ready to catch the train. While I’m packing, he calls out to doggie to come into his backyard to play for a minute. Doggie has no interest in anyting but trying to figure it out where I am going. (it was funny bc he really wanted to her to go into his backyard – sorry!). He drives me to the train & while I grab my things, he holds doggie and her bone for me. We kiss goodbye and doggie & I are off.

I’m sitting comfortably on the train and doggie starts getting fidgety. I frantically search for the bone I pre-prepared for this situation and while I’m looking for it, I get a text –

HE: Oh no, I have her bone in my pocket!
ME: It’s ok, I actually think her running around your house made her tired bc she was acting up before but now she looks exhausted.
HE: So sorry!

A few minutes later, doggie falls asleep on my lap as I close my eyes to rest, both of us relaxing on our train ride back into Midtown…;->

Sweet, right?