85034 is le zip code for Pheonix, AZ which juuuust so happens to be where the latest match I have been talking to is from. He is also a surgery resident, hence the “Dr.” title. Dr. & I have spoken over the phone a few times, each convo lasting a few hours, spanning various subject matter including personal interests. Definitely attractive – 6’3, dark hair, blue eyes and super-duper smart but not in an elitist way, considering his education & professional background.
We started talking via email after he intiated contact with me and the main reason why I thought it was worth an effort to converse with him, was him telling me that he had been here for 5 years for med school and was just in NYC visiting some fam. So I figured, why not give him a shot, right? Plus I really enjoyed talking to him…
Well, this is the issue (bc there always is one right?). He happens to be an Aquarius (oh shush – you know I am into signs) and although they are very friendly and optimistic people, Aquarian guys tend to love their freedom and are very, very independent. Which basically means he’s not the type to want to just “chat” often without a purpose. That in turn, forces me to have to wait for him to be the one to contact me most of the time (which is so freakin’ annoying) otherwise I’ll look like I am chasing him (ugh). So even though we have only spoken a few times, they have been over the course of a few weeks (which is not my ideal potential dating situation, I mean I’m pretty independent myself, but how can I know how much interest there is this way???…see what I mean about Aquarians!!).
So, last convo we had, he was saying how he was coming to NYC to run the marathon and would be here for a few days so we could meet in person finally…and that in the meantime we would speak during the week to catch up…lol yea ok, we shall see I guess – good thing I’m optimistic as well ;-p