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So EX texted me again all day yesterday and proceeded to wonder why I wasn’t responding. He then left me a weeping vm detailing why it was so vicious of me to not even be friends with him as if I am the bad guy here.

As I was checking my vm, I get a call. I look, its EX. Ugh. I attempt to hit ignore, but in my irritated state, I end up hitting accept. Damn! –

HE: “How come you’re ignoring me?”
ME: “Oh god, what do you want?”
HE: “Why are you being so mean to me?”
ME: “Because I don’t want to talk to you ok. Please stop calling/texting/everything ok.”
HE: “Well, I guess you can’t talk to me anymore bc you found your knight in shining armour.”

My what? And I WISH!

ME: “I don’t know what you’re talking about and I really don’t want to talk to you. Not right now and not in general.”

EX starts to cryOMG why am I going through this – still?

ME: “Why are you crying?”
HE: “Bc you are being so mean to me and I just want to be friends with you, that’s all. You’ve changed so much and it hurts alot. I really loved and still love you. I feel bad about everything that happened in the past and it’s not fair that I have to punished for the rest of my life for one mistake.” (cheating)
ME: “We’ve had this convo a million times. It wasn’t just one mistake, it was a year of utter hell and look, I don’t think about it anymore and neither should you. Really, you have got to stop this, it’s getting old. I don’t hate you but this is really upsetting me.”
HE: “Why can’t we be friends though? I feel so all alone and I lost all of my friends when we were together bc I focused on you the whole time.”

WHATEVER you say.

ME: “Oh please stop the bullshit, its so tiring. I tried to be friends with you and you kept bugging me about working things out, when I told you sooo many times I had no interest. So it’s your fault that we can’t be friends.” does that ever work anyway?
HE: “I’m sorry. I don’t have any alternative motives this time, I just don’t want you to completely ignore me. You mean a lot to me and if you can just respond to my texts once in a while then I will be fine.”

EX is not crying anymore but has that shaky-voice thingy as if he is ready to break out the water works again.

ME: “If you want to say hi, then fine, but if you start any nonsense about working things out and/or giving you second chances, then you are cut off completely. I mean it, do not talk to me about anything relationship-oriented. I am saying this to you bc you were nice to my mother when she got sick and even sent her flowers. It meant alot to her and I appreciate that. But I mean it, I have no interest in ever working things out with you. So please respect that.”
HE: “I will and I just want to be able to talk to you sometimes. Thanks.”

I absolutely get soo freaked out when guys cry. It confuses me and almost makes me even more angry, but then I end up feeling like an evil-hearted witch. Guys -unless there’s an illness or family stuff – please, do not cry. Ever.

Have any of you had a past (or present) guy, cry?

5 Comments on “Ex-Mess :-(”

  1. LMAO That sounds EXACTLY like my ex who cheated. They have to be related! ha The guilt truly eats away at them. That convo is a replica of my convo with him before he finally started seeing other people. Last fall, we attempted to be friends since we both had no romantic interest (def from my end), were great HS friends, and easing tension between mutual friends. He had ulterior motives (I don’t care how much he denies it and plays victim – ugh, disgusting). Mess. Stopped talking. Then two months later he tried sending a friend request as if he thought things were all good. Clicked deny! It’s quite strange how so many of us go through such similar situations. Gosh, some boys are more sappy than females. Overall, I had two exes cry to me. It’s kinda sad, but I refuse to feel bad for their mistakes esp when I’ve been far more forgiving than necessary. =\

    I really hope your ex chills out and respects the boundaries. He sounds pretty desperate and lost. He may feel you’re his only hope for some happiness, whether that be a relationship (he can keep dreaming) or companionship. He plays that pity-game my ex did too just to find out if you’ve moved on and if he has the slightest chance. It’s a little comical when boys do that. Obviously he hasn’t found anyone as wonderful as you! He’s addicted to you, babe. =) Is he a Sagittarius by any chance? haha

  2. OMG no you did not just ask me if he was a SAG?? Wow & wow, he is totally a Sagittarius!!

    I remembering reading some personality thing about him, saying he will always be trying to redeem his lost love that he wrecked – how crazy is that? Poor guy, but people have to take responsibility for their actions – not my prob…

    I'm glad my experiences are not uncommon, otherwise I would think there's just something wrong with me…lol.

  3. haha I can’t stand Sag men! My ex was one, too. I have a book on signs and it hits everything on the nose! (esp me, Aries) It says Sag men think the next girl is The One, etc etc. I gotta show you the book one of these days. It’ll be a great laugh. =)

  4. Hey got some EX drama of my own. Yeah that’s right, he’s been calling and texting with increasing frequency. finally I decided to meet him to see what he wanted. What he wanted was to get back together…. Said he made a big mistake….. I told him I was still with K (oh ya, that’s the other news) and getting inseminated on Thursday. Ha, he’s the king of bad timing!

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