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Written by on Thursday, February 26th, 2009 with 3 comments
Fabulous Megs at Newbie New Yorker has a giveaway for a Flip & Tumble reusable grocery tote! Check out her blog for more info on it 😉

3 Comments on “Giveaway ;-)”

  1. (whenever I call talk to my friends about Christian Bale, I always call him CB, so I was like what? haha) anyways, I agree that what CB did on your date/drink thing was wrong, I would have gotten upset over it as well. Things like that always bother me, but he does seem sweet for apologizing and i’m glad to hear you’re giving him another chance. And who knows? maybe you guys will end up going out for a very long time and in a couple years you two will look back and laugh about it. 🙂

  2. I just found your blog…Sorry about the CB issue. Entertaining to read about but sucks for you. I had to start over after a really long relationship (11.5 years) and it was hard. But it will work out and you’ll meet a great guy soon enough.

  3. ParkAvePrincess – your comment is so darling, thank you! Maybe this one will last, and if so, I will remember what you said…and btw – I love Christian Bale too 😉

    Denise – thank you for reading and for your comment. I hope you’re right as dating in NYC is soo tough!!

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