Random T: Why Still Viewing Me?

Written by on Monday, May 25th, 2009 with 4 comments
So – today I checked my online dating messages and saw that...Sporto Fanatico is still checking out my pics & profile!!!

Uhm, why dude – the hell?

I need to be a bit more organized with my online dating settings. Next time the date-ship is done, esp. if he was a supa-douche, I’m gonna close out the communication, that way they can’t look at my pics after we are kaput!

p.s. guess who finally texted me after not hearing from him all weekend – DB! Ah huh. Something is def up with this one for sure – just not sure what it is yet...

We shall see dahlings ;-#

4 Comments on “Random T: Why Still Viewing Me?”

  1. That was weird.. but i’m glad he finally texted you. The closing communication sounds like a good idea, because it must be so frustrating if they’re looking at your site and you just don’t know why.

  2. Wow!! He sounds great from the last post and then so inconsistent! So annoying. Hang in there until you figure out whats up. Sometimes I think guys just have to work things out in their thick heads before they can act like a regular human being.

  3. That dumb ass (SF) needs to move the hell ON! LOL Girl, just like you, DB is probably dating around. Don’t try and figure anything out just yet!

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