I caught a rerun of SATC a few days ago (shocking) and this weekend reminded me of it, somewhat. It’s the one where SJP is trying to go to sleep but an early fall draft is coming in thru her window, so she pulls out a light blanket and covers herself up with it. She’s ready to go back to sleep but then can’t bc she thinks of how great it would be to be next to someone on a night like this, so she spontaneously calls BIG to see if he’s up. They end up meeting for some late night pizza and some misc. convo about NYC or whatever. This was one of those weekends I guess…

So this weekend I found myself not having any plans after work and thought about calling some gf’s to go out for a drink. Then after realizing that most of my gf’s either have a bf or are working towards having a bf, I ended up texting my “go to” guy to see if he was up for meeting for some apps & drinks. I would imagine a lot of chicks have a “go to” guy, whether they go to him for a hook up, or go to him to move some furniture, or even go to him to find out what’s a good rate for car insurance. Whatever the case maybe, I contact my “go to” guy to see the occasional action or indie flick, to grab a drink in a non-pretentious place, or maybe to just get a male opinion on some random subject. My “go to” guy is not a super close friend or anything. He’s just been my go to guy for the last couple of months now. We first met a few months ago (online date of course), and since there were no sparks, I had no interested in dating him. I’m sure he’s dating god knows how many chicks, but I’m not concerned about that anyway because I’m not interested in any type of hook up situation with him at all.

Go to” guy & I met & ate at some quaint Thai place in the E. village. We split some pad Thai & dumplings and chatted about anything and everything over some good wine. The night was really nice with early signs of Fall (my fav season) and the city wasn’t overly packed (prob bc the trendy peeps are away for the last days of summer). We enjoyed each others’ company and ended the night parting ways with talk of making plans for another night, of which prob won’t ever happen unless both of us haphazardly have nothing else to do (or more like no one else to call). And then I came home.

It felt like eating Pinkberry or Yolato or Tasty D Lite: light & refreshing without much substance. Doesn’t even come close to ice cream…do you guys feel what I’m saying?