Ahhh, Sunday once again…summer is flying by and so is my optimism. Ok, not really but we’re all allowed a bad day now and then right?

So let’s do a little recap of Andrew. We had hung out mid week this week and I didn’t get a chance to share, so I will do so now. We met for a drink in the same god awful stupid pub he is locked down to, which I am making a commitment to never going to…ever again. I’ve never been a bar rat and I don’t plan on being one now.

So, we had a few drinks and talked about updates on politics, Michael Phelps (delicious), work, etc. What I thought would be an hour or so of hanging out turned out to be seven because, in all honestly he is super cute and very smart so it’s easy for time to fly. Ok, so we are talking about plans to actually do something other than drink and we talk about the weekend. Apparently he has a “friend” visiting from out of town, but maybe “we can all hang out”. I later ask him about this friend, and it turns out the friend is a female. Ah! Very nice. How many adult guys have female friends in their lives that they are not related to? Let me re-phrase, how many adult guys who are in a relationship have female friends who visit them and stay over…exactly ;-0

It’s not a trust issue because we haven’t known each other for that long. It just an issue of the sexes. <Remember when I was saying men & women can’t be ‘just friends’, because deep down one or both, have some type of attraction that may or may not ever be acted upon?> Oh, I did mention the other time we hung out some chick was calling him, right? – at 5:30am! Bootay call or no? You decide…whatever! He said some girl was calling him to just chat….hahahahahahaha, hilarious.

So I’m totally not, nor will ever, take this guy seriously, but I would still hang out with him, since he is fun (until someone more fun comes along). And that’s all we will ever do…sweet dreams 😉