Dear Midtown Girl,

I hate to sound like a complainer, but I’m so over being single during the holidays. Seeing my friends celebrate with their boyfriends while I’m sitting at home watching Rom-Com’s on Christmas Eve is something I’m not looking forward to. On top of this, when I visit my family and married siblings I have to endure them ask me at the dinner table “so, you’re still single?”. I adore my family but it’s getting to the point where I don’t even look forward to the holidays because they make me feel like there’s something wrong with me. 

I totes know the feeling doll. While the holiday season is a tough time to find your soulmate, there are some things you can do to lessen the stress of being single during the holidays…

1. Spend time with your single girlfriends. It might sounds obvi, but your single gf’s & besties know how you feel, so there’s no need to explain to them why you need to meet for cocktails on Christmas eve (or even New Year’s eve). Remember that part in Sex & The City movie when Carrie takes the train to visit Miranda right before the clock struck 12? That’s what gf’s are for…to be there for YOU.

2. Find a guy friend to hang out with. Hang out, not hook up with. Every girl has a guy friend who always seems to be avail when you need him. You know the one, that guy you call when you need to know what’s really going on with the current guy your dating. He’s the guy who tells you that he doesn’t know why you’re single bc you’re smart, gorgeous, etc. THIS guy. Call him and make a guy friend date. Sometimes male company is just necessary.

3.  Tell your family that being single should not be part of holiday conversation. One time when I was visiting my mom, she kept asking me why it was so hard for me to find a guy (yes, seriously). I told her that whenever she starts this convo, it makes me not want to come visit her. From then on she would only ask me “any news?”. If I said no, she quickly changed the topic. Her ultimate goal was to see me happy, not make me upset. Tell your fam how you feel, they will get it.

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