What do you get a guyfriend for his birthday?

Apr 12th 2010 3 Comments

source Sooo…I have a gf who is an uber sweet girl. Thing is, she is one of those chicks who has waaay more guyfriends than girlfriends. In fact, I think Continue Reading »

Friend-iquette: To Pay or Not To Pay?

Mar 23rd 2010 14 Comments

source So… A few nights ago, in an epi of Real Housewives of NYC, Bethanny & ‘the Countess’ were catching up – a.k.a arguing – in a Hampton’s resty. Apparently, Continue Reading »

Keeping Strong Friendships While in a Relationship…?

Mar 4th 2010 19 Comments

source I have a question and thought you dahlings could chime in…cuz ya know I love your input 😉 I have gf who has been a best friend for a Continue Reading »

Rant: Toxic Friend of a Friend.

Feb 22nd 2010 0 Comments

Yea I’m back, bitches!!! OK. So… you, TFF, & I, are not technically “friends”. You are best friends with my very good friend. Since we share the same friend, I Continue Reading »

The Staten Island Bridezilla…hater of Po’ Folk!

Oct 21st 2009 24 Comments

Ok, I HAD to do a post on this Cah-Ray-Zee chick bc I was born & raised on Staten Island (one of the 5 NYC boroughs, for those who’ve never Continue Reading »

Neighbor Rant.

Oct 12th 2009 21 Comments

To my New Neighbor across the hall, Welcome and congrats on moving into the Apt of Love! I see (hear) that you have a dog, which is great bc I Continue Reading »

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