I have a question and thought you dahlings could chime in…cuz ya know I love your input 😉

I have gf who has been a best friend for a few years now. She is awesome – always gives the best advice, is a great listener & a true bright light of positivity.

We used to have a girl’s night out once every 2 weeks, which is pretty amazing since our schedules always seemed to conflict with each other. Convos would be a part of our daily routines & she was the first person I would go to when asking for advice on the current stat of a guy (and of course wardrobe opinions – especially with my Date Night Outfits).

Then, she got into a serious relationship with a guy.

And I am really happy for her. Seriously I am.

But now…we hardly ever talk and our convos usually consist of:

ME: “I never see you!”
HER: “I know – we HAVE to make plans! I hope I’m not one of those girls, LOL!!” (meaning the type that, once in a relationship, disappears off the face of planet BFF)
ME: “Ok, when are you avail, let’s set a date…”
HER: “Well this weekend, bf & I are going to ‘insert romantic place here’ and during the week we have to go to ‘insert some fabulous event’. So how about in 2 weeks?”
ME: “Sounds good! Can’t wait to catch up ;-)”

Those two weeks eventually become 4 and then onto 6 and that just kind of…SUCKS!

I think it’s great that she’s in a wonderful relationship. I just think that friendships shouldn’t have to get killed off bc of it.

What do you dahlings think and have you ever been in a similar situation?