“Single in My City” is my new Bloggy Series that is dedicated to all the single chicks (and guys!) across the World.
Each week, I will try to have one blogger from a different city, post their answers to a series of questions that relate to the dating scene in their fabulous location! That way we can get an inside view of what dating-life is like…all over the world! HOW FUN right?

This week (and the 1st of the SIMC Series) we have the absolutely fabulush & stunning:

Elizabeth Marie from It’s Unbeweavable,on location in Los Angeles!

How would you describe the ‘dating scene’ in your city?

I write a lot about my frustration with the Los Angeles/Orange County dating scene. I think on both the male and female side, we fundamentally always feel we can find someone better…smarter, hotter, more successful. I’m not saying this is right at all…I can honestly say that we in OC/LA are generally pretty spoiled and that attitude can be tricky when dating. I find that a lot of men here run from the boyfriend label…because there might be someone “better” just around the corner. Us girls do it too, I gotta admit to being guilty. It’s a lot of show and not a lot of substance. But when you do come across someone of substance and more than just a nice car or a hot body, it’s a reminder that some of the most talented, amazing, kind people do live here too…it’s such a melting pot and we have a lot of bad, but a lot of good too! So I’m not totally hating in my turf! 🙂

Have you in the past or are you currently, online-dating?

Yes I have and I am going to give it another try with a different attitude. The first time I received a lot of pervs and weirdos’ who gave me blog post material for days, as well as a lot of guys just looking for a one night kind of thing. This time I’m going to be a lot more clear about what I want, and way more picky about who I respond to. I didn’t want to come off like a bitch, but let’s be real, I’m not going to like everyone, and vice versa!

If yes, in your opinion, do you think online-dating is a better way to meet new people rather than the traditional meet at a bar/club/restaurant/bookstore/where-ever, scene? Why?

I think both have their pro’s and cons, of course. In LA, if you’re looking for Mr. Right, vs Mr. RightNOW, I’d say stay home in your pj’s and online date it up! The club/bar scene is GROSS out here. If you’re looking for a fun time and no pressure, sure the guys will be all over you at a club/bar, but it’s important to be realistic.

You never know where you will meet someone special though. I don’t want to be so deep in my online dating that I don’t notice the cute guy at Barnes and Noble or worse, shrug him off because “he’s probably a douchebag.”

Would you recommend online-dating to your friends/family, etc.?

I would…just for the “why the heck not?” aspect of it. I know so many people who have met and married someone they met online! I do so much online, I’ve made so many new friendships with girls, girls I consider my best friends…so why not give love a try too?

What sort of guys do you try to avoid like the plague?

Ha. Well, if you read my blog you know I use the lovely term “Douchebag” a lot…but one girls douchebag might be another girls dreamboat. Dreamboat?

I avoid guys who aren’t doing anything with their lives, whatever it might be. I need someone to push me and make me want to be better. I don’t like meatheads. I also avoid guys who don’t have manners! This is a biggie for me! If we hang out and he doesn’t say “please, thank you” etc to our server, or is rude and treats them like they are somehow below…peace out, yo. Respect and kindness are sexy!

Is there a specific “type” that runs rampant in your city?

Ha again. Yes. I’m lucky to live by the beach, so there are a lot of surfer beach bums…easy on the eyes but generally not a lot going on upstairs. But for those times when I just want to say “shhh just sit there and look pretty”, they work like a charm! Also, because it’s L.A, there are tons of struggling actors/writers/models/musicians…”artists”, if you will. I have fallen prey to a musician more times than I’d like to admit. It’s always the musicians with this girl.

What are some of your favorite date spots to go to for dinner/cocktails or both (yay!)?

I think sushi is a fun date…there are a couple small places in Laguna Beach I love. Also Ketchup, Bella and Katsuya in LA…standard LA places, but I like the energy and the people watching. I don’t like going to loud clubs or packed scenester bars on dates…having to repeat “what” over and over isn’t cute….

What is your staple go-to date outfit? Pics please!

Day or night, Southern Cali is pretty casual. My go to date outfit is Jeans, Heels, a motorcycle jacket and some kind of girly top…flowy hair and smoky eyes. I attached pictures of some of The Hills girls…because they do personify L.A casual chic, and the photo of Lauren in the plaid is something I would totally wear on a date. I love getting dressed up, but more often than not, the boys are in flip flops-it’s sunny most of the time here…

What would you consider to be the most romantic attribute of your city?

Ohhh…this is hard. I hate to use such an easy answer, but the beach is so romantic to me. If I had a dollar for everytime a guy took me to the beach after a date. Nothing better than good conversation with waves crashing in the background.

And there you have it! Miss Lizzy makes city dwellers like me yearn for a beautiful beach right about now 😉 Love her & her awesome inside view of the dating scene in L.A – thank you for participating darling!!

Hope you lovelies are having a wonderful week!


p.s. – lookout next week for another blogisode of “Single in My City”!

p.p.s. – Please feel free to email me if you are interested in participating in SIMC – only 2 requirements: 1) Be Single & 2) Live in a City (Worldwide)! How easy is that?! XOXO