How about if you & I take a stroll through Glamour’s “8 Relationship Rules to Retire” and decide which rules should stay and which ones need to go…
“8 Relationship Rules It’s Time to Retire”

1. Relationship Rule to Retire: Wait for the guy to call you.
My fabulous & newest bestie, Jordana of Clutch22, recently gave me the bestselling book, “He’s Just Not Into” for research on a project I am working on (besides Project Relationship, that is).
Even though the movie adaptation annoyed me to high hell, the book was very…helpful. It’s always good to get a guy’s input, bc only guys know what guys really mean.

So in the book, co-author Greg says –

“When men want you, they do the work. I know it sounds old school, but when men like women, they ask them out.”

See, how simple is that!? I’ll take old school any day.
2. Relationship Rule to Retire: Lie about your busy weekend schedule so he’ll (theoretically) want to go out with you even more.
I never got this whole “pretending to be busy” thing anyway, so I say kill this rule. In reference to the book above, according to Greg, when guys say they are busy it translates to this –

“The word “busy” is a load of crap and is most often used by a**holes. The word “busy” is the relationship Weapon of Mass Destruction.”

Ladies, this rule works both ways. Don’t be an a**hole.

3. Relationship Rule to Retire: Call after the obligatory three days.

Ya. This one has to die…like right now. With texting/bbm’s and even Twitter DM’s, there is NO reason anyone needs to wait 3 days. Eff-that.

4. Relationship Rule to Retire: Cook for your man.

What’s wrong with cookin’ for the boy? This is a sweet, endearing gesture and shows that you care about your man. I mean, unless your cooking skills are shit-tay…are they??

5. Relationship Rule to Retire: Let the man (always) pay the bill.

First, men should ALWAYS pay on the first date. Period. He doesn’t always have to pay, but if he makes more money than you, then what’s the prob?

Second, if we keep rule #4 alive, then paying for dinner won’t be an issue.

Problem solved – YAY!

6. Relationship Rule to Retire: Put on a show to impress your date.
Depends on the show…! No seriously, you can be yourself on a date, just a more amped-up version of your fabulush self. No need for crazy stories, name dropping (effing hate when peeps do this, just shut it!), or running down your resume’s bullet points…so ovah this!

Funny, sweet & smart will always work…every time 😉

7. Relationship Rule to Retire: Divide TV time equally.
How much TV do people actually watch that there needs to be “equal TV time”…the hell, folks? Besides, with DVR &, both parties can watch anything at anytime.

Problem solved – YAY, again!

8. Relationship Rule to Retire: Go out alone on a first date.
I guess this works if you are in high school or in college, but as fully grown adults…NO. First dates should be on a one-on-one basis.

deems this rule shall STAY ALIVE FOREVER x 100.
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