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I recently read this NY Post article & wanted to share it with you dahlings…

Poll: Half of Manhattan residents live alone

By CHUCK BENNETT Last Updated: 10:31 AM, October 30, 2009

New Yorkers have no excuse for dateless Friday nights.

More than half of all Manhattan residents are living alone — and the number of singles in the city is continuing to rise to historic levels, new Census Bureau data show.

That means you’ve got a 50-50 shot that the cute neighbor down the hall is looking for love.

The borough now resembles some kind of “Sex and the City” fantasyland with a majority of households, 50.3 percent, with just one resident — no roommate, no spouse, no family, no kids…

There are numerous forces turning Manhattan into an isle of singletons, explained William Helmreich, deputy chairman of City College’s sociology department. The factors include high-paying jobs, the expense of raising a family, longer-living widows and widowers, and, of course, a celebrated culture of singledom.

“Singles attract more singles,” he said. “They participate in a lifestyle that is mutually reinforcing. The more single people engage in that lifestyle, the more acceptable it is, and the more acceptable it is, the more people are going to do it.”


Sociologists now call the time people in their 20s and 30s spend solo “early adulthood” to differentiate it from the period before they marry and have children — which is happening later and later…
Ladies, however, are at a disadvantage.
There are 212,000 single female households compared with 165,000 male single.

Many of those women are lonely hearts, but they aren’t all Carrie Bradshaws….

~Huh. Interesting read & stats, right?~
Well CHECK OUT some comments posted under the article – DAMN
From Comment Section:
( sourced but I refuse to list the commenter’s name – aww hellz naw)
From ‘C’- “The women of NYC are complete slobs or golddiggers! Who wants to date some fat, sloppy cow with no class. Hip Hop Culture, Activism and Liberalism.I say stick to Latin American women and Slavic women, but never a NYC born hag.”

‘C’ again – “Most women in NYC dress and look like crap. When you women start dressing like Russians: straight hair, high heels, pretty face, make up and thong, then perhaps I will consider going after you. As for Latinas, you girls need to a get over your self-important independent mindset. Having a job and making 50k does not make you a catch. And no, I do not want to be bother with any drama from that for real, we is, we was? ghetto ex boyfriend of yours. In conclusion, most of you women need to grade yourself on a global scale to know your true value. Meaning: dress hot (straight hair, thong, fit), speak proper and have class and style. There are many good guys there in Wall St, who do honest work and dress sharp and are good people….why should we settle for anything less than a 9.5?”

Response to that last ‘C’ comment: “You don’t need to worry about women not living up to your standards. Guess what? We have no interest in your type. You could look like a GQ cover model or make millions, you are still an egotistical bore. Women love men who love women, not men who put them down. Period. And guess what? According to this article (and many of my single friends) lots of women love living alone, meaning without an idiot like you who requires “straight hair” and a “thong” I suggest you simply pay for it, jerk.”

Whoa. OkaaayThoughts???


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25 Comments on “Solo Living in the City…”

  1. Congrats on the watch!

    MG, the comments are freaking hilarious and yet depict the soulless superficial-ism of unfortunately quite a few guys in NYC (I've met them in b-school too, not limited to NYC). Good schools, well-paying jobs, and passable faces make them think they are IT. Guys also like to stretch singledom because they can be 40 and single and it's whatever.

    BUT, good guys really are out there, yes even in NYC. It might take a while to find them, but NYC is a big place after all.

  2. I lived in NYC single when I was your age and loved it. It's the best place in the world to be single. Screw these guys comments.

  3. Well, C, and people like him are why the single numbers are so high! As a woman, you cannot seem to win. If you are just an average run of the mill woman, you get labeled as some sort of slob, and if you are really into your appearance, then you are labeled as being prissy. Hard to find a nice person when you have so many pre conceived notions already attached to you!

  4. hahahaha those comments on the article are killing me! I do agree with The Peach Tart – NYC is the best place to have fun being single!

  5. There does seem to be more single people out there in their 20's and 30's.

    Wow. Those are some comments.

    Great post. Thanks for posting this.

  6. The article highlights a bigger issue going on. Women have been conditioned to believe that they don't "need" a man. That way of thinking is why so many women find themselves in their late thirties and older and alone. They get so used to thinking for and about only themselves that they become incapable of working anyone else in to their life. That's why they struggle.

    Being single in this city is fun for a time. Like maybe a year. The woman interviewd in this article is fresh off a break up, so of course she's "loving" her freedom.

    It would have been better for the reporter to interview two men and two women, where one set was single for a long time and the other were fresh off a break up.

    Anybody who says they "love" being perpetually single in Manhattan is lying to themselves.

  7. Good lord, men like that need to just go dig themselves in a hole and hope they don't get a knife in the back from some angry woman lol!
    That article is really interesting though. I didn't realize that such a high percentage of people in NY are single. I think it's kind of becoming a trend in alot of different places. I doubt many women, and men for that matter, are really "ok" with being single. It becomes a different matter when you can actually say "I'm single and I'm loving it." I certainly can't say that most of the time…but maybe that's because I don't live in NY! lol….hmmm…perhaps I should move.
    Anyways, thanks for sharing that article 🙂

  8. Wow C is a total jerk! Unfortunately, there are a lot of jerks in NYC. Being single isn't so bad…while my friends have to check with their boyfriends before making any plans, I can do whatever I want when I want =)

  9. Congrats on your win!

    I always find it hysterical to read people's comments on stories…they are an interesting snapshot into Americans, as these prove, lol.

  10. wow, that C is one bitter person. I agree some women want to date guys with money without regards for anything else but that is only a small percentage. I think we are singles b/c life is pretty good and freedom is hard to give up. : )

  11. It looks like "C" can't see at all. I wonder what corner he's hanging out on ? I haven't had a steady relationship in about 6 years now. The pro's : I seem to have time to figure myself out. I paint and write all day. I party like a rockstar when I want to. The con's : It gets real lonely. I miss a relationship. The club scene gets old real fast. Hey "C"…what ever happened to inner beauty ?

  12. Wow! What a deep guy with a stunning personality….

    People like C have me react one of two ways: 1) pissed off because HE's so shallow and rude; or 2) sorry for him because he can't passed a mirror to realize there is more to a person than just the mirror image.

    Either way, he wouldn't be in my world as date or friend.

  13. I don't think solo living can be good. I think you need someone in your life to enjoy and share your feelings. A person can't live happily alone.. Not at all.

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