WTF Weds: Ridiculous shiz you’ve done to win back an Ex.

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Ever do something insanely ridic to win back an Ex? Well, the fabulush & hilariously insane crowd @ Flatiron Lounge had some interesting input regarding this scenario…



“I made an afternoon tea date with my Ex’s mom. I thought she would convince my Ex that I was a great catch and to work things out with me. Wrong. The afternoon tea turned into evening drinks and now my Ex’s  mom wants me to take her to ‘clubs’ and help her pick up ‘hotties’. Sick.”


“One night I hooked up with my ex after a drunken night out. I thought he would say he missed me & wanted to try to work things out but…he never called. So, in a momentary state of psychosis,  I marked 3 different pregnancy tests so that they would read ‘pregnant’. This would have probably worked had he not want me to go get confirmation from my GYN.”


“My Ex & I dated for almost a year and we broke up bc I thought he wasn’t the right one for me. But  – he was such a sweet guy, handsome, etc.  I still had the key to his apt and even though we hadn’t seen each other for a few weeks, I decided to stop by before he came home from work to uhm…make up. I went into the apt, opened a bottle of wine and sat on his couch wearing a cute matching tank & boy brief set. He usually arrived home arnd 5:30pm but this day he was running unusually late. It’s now abt 7pm and I finally hear my Ex come home.  As he walks in thru the door, I get up to give him a hug and…see his date walking in behind him. Pathetic is not a strong enough word for the way I felt.”


“The plan was to meet my Ex for coffee and when I had the opportunity, I would  take something of his with me ‘by accident’, so he would have to see me again (thereby realizing how much he wants to be with me). While getting ready to leave the coffee place, my Ex uses the restroom.  I take what I think is work phone. After we part ways, he calls me less than a minute later & asks “hey – I think I left my new glucose meter on the table, did you see it?””


“On his birthday, I showed up at my Ex’s job to surprise him & to take him out for a bday lunch (and to reconcile). When I got to his office, he was still with a client in a different conference room. While waiting, I took a look around his desk and found 2 pics of his new gf. I took out the girl’s pics, threw them in the trash & wrote on the frame’s inside cardboard – ‘I still love you‘. A few mins later, the girl in the pic walks in…I guess planning a similar bday lunch? I barely say hello to her and proceeded to get the hell out of his office as fast as I could. A few mins later I get a text from my Ex: ‘Thanks for fucking up my birthday’.”‘

Dahlings – any of you ever done any ridiculous shiz to win back an Ex???


p.s. Wud you lovelies be interested in seeing NY’ers share their WTF’s on video??? (after a few cocktails, everyone wants to be on vid – LOL!!!)

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