By @KimberleeVDW 

People come to New York City for many reasons: to find a job, for college, to find love. New York has it all! However, the city is not for everybody. It does take a certain type of person to live here. I am one of those people. I’ve lived in other cities/states but nothing comes close to Manhattan (in my humble opinion).

During a recent event in the city with the Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger, a woman asked about the difficulty of finding a man in Manhattan. Patti’s answer is one I’ve heard several times from experts and friends…
“You gotta go to the ‘burbs.”
Really? That’s the only solution for us single Manhattan gals? It can’t be. There are millions of single guys in the city. The odds should be in our favor. In my experience, men who work in the city but live elsewhere, is how they want to keep it. They like visiting the city and going out at night because Manhattan has a lot to offer for entertainment purposes. However, in terms of settling down they want to live in the quiet suburbs.
My friends who never left the ‘burbs have married their significant others by now.
And that doesn’t work for me. I have never dreamed of that white picket fence life for myself. Marriage after 30 is more of my pace and often popular with Manhattan women. So I’m not looking at the ‘burbs because I know what’s there and it’s not what I want.
I always knew my heart was in Manhattan.
I plan on living here for a very long time and I think I can find someone who wants to do the same. New York is the greatest city in the world after all!
Do you think I’m being too stubborn in my ways? Do you think in order to find love I have to leave the city?
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Kimberlee blogs about her love of fashion and beauty at I Have A Degree In This!. She’s lived in Midtown Manhattan for 8 years and has tried it all when it comes to dating.  
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