In this Wednesday’s SIMC epi, we have the tres chic:
Jaime from La vie…J’aime,
on location in Boston, Mass!

Describe the ‘Dating Scene’ in your city:
I’d say the dating scene in Boston is rather casual. Since Boston is such a sports city and we are so proud of all our teams, a lot of dates are sports-oriented: taking in a Bruins, Celtics, or Red Sox game in Boston or trekking to Gillette Stadium to see the Patriots. As for ways to find that special guy, it’s a lot of meeting through friends and/or at a bar. Though, as I say below, online dating ( and JDate) are really popular ways to meet someone.
Are you an Online Dater?

So far no, but a few of my friends have found success online! I wouldn’t rule it out in the future.

Guys you Avoid like the PLAGUE:
Any guy who can’t treat me the way I deserve to be treated; any guy who talks too much about himself; any guy that’s rude when trying to get my attention.
Any Specific “Type” of Guy that runs rampant in your city?
The Boston boy: you know him even if you don’t live here! Born and bred in Boston- Boston hat, Boston accent, & Boston attitude (they all think they are allll that).
Fave Date Spots:

I have 2 that come to mind immediately.

1. Tasca is nearby my apartment. It’s a tapas restaurant, so perfect for sharing plates and conversation! Also, their Sangria is to die for. 🙂

2. Eastern Standard- great food, atmosphere, and it’s right around the corner from Fenway Park – grab a drink at ES then head to Red Sox game!

Staple Go-To Date Outy:
I usually stick with something cute and sexy, but not over the top sexy (gotta keep them curious!), and something I am comfortable in. Even if that new dress looks amazing, if I am fidgeting all night, that’s not good! Also, I think about where we are going and the atmosphere there when planning my look. When in doubt, LBD.

Most Romantic Attribute of your city:

I love the Boston Common; every season this park is stunning. From the blooming floral arrangements and lush green grass in the summer, to the snow, twinkly lights, and lit up gold dome of the State House in the winter, it’s just magnificent!

Thank you so much Jaime, for giving us an insider’s view of Beantown’s dating scene!

I lived in Boston for 6 months a few yrs back and totes saw the “Boston Boy” all over, lol 😉

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