Random Thought…My Fair Weddings ;-)

Written by on Tuesday, July 7th, 2009 with 10 comments

Speaking of weddings…

A few years ago, after doing a major switch in careers, I decided to pursue the entertainment industry full-time (as in acting, not stripping, lol). The biz is a super tough one, especially living in NYC, because:

– auditions are painful;
– even though I am a size 4/6, I am almost always the heaviest girl in the room: picture size 00-2 as the average sizes; (there’s no way in hell my body could or will ever be that size)
– auditions are painful; and
– most of the work is in L.A. (love ya Kels!)

Anywho, since I now have my own business, it allows me to schedule things in & out when I please. So, when one of the agents I freelance with, called me today to audition for a promo for My Fair Wedding, I thought – how fun! And how funny since I just did a post on a wedding – LOL’s!

I really like this show. And I seriously like the host David Tutera, a celebrity wedding planner. Of course, if the day ever were to happen, he would be completely out of my budget since he charges upwards of $50-100k for just planning a wedding – LOL!

Oh and as I was writing this I was eating sea-salted pita chips…Spanx Anyone?

LOL – wish me luck for tomorrow, dahlings!


p.s. – wish Liz was already in NYC to do my make up – next time dollface!
p.s.s – Today was Biore strip day (urban dwelling wreaks havoc on the skin). This was the first time I used the strip on my chin…had no idea the serious pore action going on here – damn & gross! (

10 Comments on “Random Thought…My Fair Weddings ;-)”

  1. Ohhhh my god good luck girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will rock that shit I know it…and um maybe we should start a wedding planning biz and make some mooola? $$$$ ha

  2. David Tutera! Haha, he makes me laugh. They air his Party Planner show here in Singapore. He's always a source for good ideas. And ouch to the dineros he charges for planning a wedding! Well hopefully you'll make it big in showbiz & then what he charges will seem like nothing crazy. 😛

  3. Good luuuuuuuck!! And wow those wedding venues look stunning. Haha, I may be a guy, but I still sometimes plan imaginary weddings in my mind…*ahem* not that I will admit it if questioned by friends.

  4. good luck to you!!!

    what gorgeous weddings! I plan a lot of events and am doing a big wedding now…a lot of work!

  5. That's so cool, I never knew that you were an actress. I have always wanted to pursue a career in acting, but recently got more interesting in directing and behind the scenes work, but I think love it. And I think it's so much better to be in New York doing it than LA (though it's probably harder), becuase the best movie are made in NY!

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