Date Outfit: Summer in the City Series – Cool Summer Nights…

Written by on Thursday, July 9th, 2009 with 12 comments

Sooo, I have a dinner date for tom (Sat) evening!

I’ve been speaking to this new fella for the past week (details in next post) and we’ll be meeting for the 1st time tom, so I am hoping that he’ll be as interesting (and cute) in person as he is via cell convo.

I’m excited, since the past few weeks have been a bit slooow (i.e. previous prospects were la whack) – but everything slows down in the summer, right??

And what’s going on with these chilly summer nights – isn’t it still JULY – hello! So I’ve paired up a cool summer night outy just in case (I was thinking of doing a long cardy, but let’s keep it cute & sassy!). It’s a date after all 😉

Date Night Outfit:
Cool Summer Nights –

Metallic Shrug/Cropped Jacket, Bold-Colored Tunic Dress, Chunky
Arm Candy

Have a great weekend dahlings!


12 Comments on “Date Outfit: Summer in the City Series – Cool Summer Nights…”

  1. Oh thats a fierce outfit mama. Let me know asap! how that date goes. I hope he's even better than on the phone and not a douche! I swear the man who you decide to be with is going to be so lucky.

    And HELL YES restaurant week next and me!!!

  2. It is you that has a date and should have a great weekend! I am meeting bloggers! LOL! I like the dress on the left, the one on the right looks like a nightgown! 🙂

  3. You're right! It does get a little chilly at night now! THere's another factor in taking a look from day to night! Great selection by the way. GOod luck on your date!

  4. you know what…im totally digging the frugalista outfit! i cant wait to hear about your date……….im dying with anticpation!!!

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