So SF finally called…and I must say, preceding the last post – I actually got closure! Well, sort of anyway ;-p
Here is our final convo –

ME: “So what else?” After b.s. for the first 10 mins.
HE: “Well, like I told you I was going to do, I was taking the weekend to think about things. You called me out about it, so I wanted to take time to think. I don’t think I can offer you the time you need or what you are looking for. You mentioned you needed more time and I just don’t have enough of it.”
ME: “I wasn’t saying to meet 4 times a week, what I said was that you weren’t proactively communicating with me, as I had been the one who was texting you and such. But if that’s how you feel than it is what it is, so it’s fine.”
HE: “Yea I don’t really have another answer than the one I just gave you. I enjoy hanging out with you so it’s not like I don’t want to.” LOL, dude u r ridiculous!

ME: “Ah huh. Ok.”

More b.s. chat about misc. crap…

HE: “So you never sent me that link for Cirque de Soleil.” I had mentioned last we met, that I wanted to go…
ME: “Well, see I’m confused here, so maybe you could clarify a bit. I thought you said you don’t have time.”
HE: “We can still go as friends. I mean we are still friends.”
ME: “Oh, so you just want to be friends then?”
HE: “Well, no we don’t have to move all the way backwards to just being friends.” Oh really jerkface – in your dreams FF (fuckface)!

ME: “Just out of curiosity, was it something personal, something about my personalty that changed everything?”
HE: “No, it’s just that you said that what I was offering (time) wasn’t enough and it maybe a combination of me not having the time and it not being a priority for me.” Basically I’m not someone he would be seriously interested in – but good job with the run around FF

ME: “Well, honestly we had this discussion of what we were both looking for, and I thought we were on the same page, but clearly we weren’t. I’m not looking for friends.”
HE: “Well, you don’t have to be a stranger.”
ME: “LOL, well I hope you feel better and have a wonderful night ok.”
HE: “Thanks, you too.”

Done and done.

p.s. dahlings – I so appreciate you guys giving me advice and your thoughts thru the SF experience, it helped more than I can tell you – XOXO!