Sporto Fanatico is Officially FINITO.

Written by on Thursday, May 7th, 2009 with 12 comments
So SF finally called…and I must say, preceding the last post – I actually got closure! Well, sort of anyway ;-p
Here is our final convo –

ME: “So what else?” After b.s. for the first 10 mins.
HE: “Well, like I told you I was going to do, I was taking the weekend to think about things. You called me out about it, so I wanted to take time to think. I don’t think I can offer you the time you need or what you are looking for. You mentioned you needed more time and I just don’t have enough of it.”
ME: “I wasn’t saying to meet 4 times a week, what I said was that you weren’t proactively communicating with me, as I had been the one who was texting you and such. But if that’s how you feel than it is what it is, so it’s fine.”
HE: “Yea I don’t really have another answer than the one I just gave you. I enjoy hanging out with you so it’s not like I don’t want to.” LOL, dude u r ridiculous!

ME: “Ah huh. Ok.”

More b.s. chat about misc. crap…

HE: “So you never sent me that link for Cirque de Soleil.” I had mentioned last we met, that I wanted to go…
ME: “Well, see I’m confused here, so maybe you could clarify a bit. I thought you said you don’t have time.”
HE: “We can still go as friends. I mean we are still friends.”
ME: “Oh, so you just want to be friends then?”
HE: “Well, no we don’t have to move all the way backwards to just being friends.” Oh really jerkface – in your dreams FF (fuckface)!

ME: “Just out of curiosity, was it something personal, something about my personalty that changed everything?”
HE: “No, it’s just that you said that what I was offering (time) wasn’t enough and it maybe a combination of me not having the time and it not being a priority for me.” Basically I’m not someone he would be seriously interested in – but good job with the run around FF

ME: “Well, honestly we had this discussion of what we were both looking for, and I thought we were on the same page, but clearly we weren’t. I’m not looking for friends.”
HE: “Well, you don’t have to be a stranger.”
ME: “LOL, well I hope you feel better and have a wonderful night ok.”
HE: “Thanks, you too.”

Done and done.

p.s. dahlings – I so appreciate you guys giving me advice and your thoughts thru the SF experience, it helped more than I can tell you – XOXO!

12 Comments on “Sporto Fanatico is Officially FINITO.”

  1. πŸ™ Awww I’m sorry it’s done. But look on the brightside – at least there is closure here. He wasn’t a TOTAL ass about it you know?

  2. I still want to be friends= “When I get lonely I will call you,otherwise I want to hang out with the guys” FUUUCCKKKK him! You will get a good guy, they are just few and far between.

  3. oh hell no…
    but you know what better now then later girl. i agree with Otin… fuck that nonsense.

    its friday…get dressed get hot and go have fun!

    big cyber hugs

  4. Wile – how WEAK was his response, right – good riddens SF!!

    Kelly – I’m sooo gonna have fun this weekend, thank you for being such a DOLL!

    Otin – your male eye on this scenario truly helped – very much appreciated..and

    Thank you so much for the AWARD MB!!

    Better times start NOW darlings – love you guys!!

  5. I am a Long Island guy. I have dated many Manhattan women. But what I am going to say applies equally to both sexes, so no one sided insult intended. I find a large segment of the eligible population so self absorbed that relationships are almost impossible. Maybe it is because it is so expensive to live there or maybe it is because there are so many people that there is the kid in a candy shop syndrome, “I want to try one of everything.” Actually most of America has been corrupted by the β€œI want I want” mentality or the perfect this or that mindset or even I deserve this and more that it does make it difficult for relationships sometimes. Now there are many wonderful people I know, I see them everyday. I did meet my perfect match and am very happy but I had to go way outside of Manhattan. I also had to come to my senses that we are so lucky here, that only a small segment of the world lives as we do. That it has to maintain just like a relationship or we will lose it all.

  6. Rich, using that theory then really she should go to North Dakota to date. I think that a good and loving relationship could be found anywhere if the people have a connection. I grew up in Jersey and spent alot of time in or near the city and never saw a shortage of people holding hands or kissing or dining out as couples. To imply that there can be no relationships because the guys all run around with their dicks hanging out trying to nail everything with a pulse,just because they are in NYC is kind of silly, this behavior happens everywhere! The same way that some women will use men for their needs, some men will do the same! The trick, in my opinion, is to find that spark, where two people just don’t want to be apart! I think that can be found in NYC or Antarctica, provided that the right two people meet. Just my opinion, shit this isn’t even my blog lmao! Sorry MG!

  7. There are so many people who love in Manhattan that are not originally from NYC. It really depends on the person, not their location. I believe everyone 'deserves' to be with someone who truly wants to be with them in a monogamous, serious relationship – and I definitely deserve this dammit! LOL πŸ˜‰

    Speaking of North Dakota Otin…how about Wisconsin? Which just so happens to be where 'new guy' I'm speaking to is originally from…yay ;->

  8. What a fucking DICKHEAD!!!!!!!!! FUCK HIM girl! And to think I was JEALOUS that you found him in the beginning? What an ASSHOLE! You’ll find someone WAY better than that!

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