The Super Hot Never Write a Lot…ugh.

Written by on Monday, May 11th, 2009 with 7 comments

Why do really attractive guys make the weakest effort to communicate?

Hot Guy stats:
– Commercial I-Banker (still employed?)
– 29 yrs old
– 6’1
– Dark hair, drk eyes (Clark Kent-ish…if that’s your thing)

Hot Guy email:

“Hey, your profile is interesting. What’s up?

LOL. Thumbs up on visual, thumbs down on effort P-P-P-PASS!

7 Comments on “The Super Hot Never Write a Lot…ugh.”

  1. HA! You’d think since I was a newly graduated person, I could SPELL! LOL

    AWARD at my blog for you!!!

  2. because they think their hotness speaks for them? men are just deficient in their communication skills in general.

  3. He probably liked your picture too (there’s no way he bothered to read through your profile otherwise he would have found something he could say that would catch your attention) and gave it his best himbo shot.

    Don’t write him off too quick – you’re narrowing the playing field masses if you rule out men with communication skills!! haha

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