Ex-Text of the Day…F.A.D InSanity.

Written by on Wednesday, May 13th, 2009 with 6 comments

Luckily enough, I hadn’t heard from psycho FAD in a while and was super happy about it…until today –

HE: ‘My tooth was hurting me all day today.’
HE: ‘I took some painkillers to get rid of the pain.’
HE: ‘I think I took too many.’
HE: ‘Just called my dentist, he said to call the ambulance since I may have overdosed.’

Ok, lying or not, I’m not that evil, so I text back…

ME: ‘Did you call the ambulance?’
HE: ‘Yes, they should be here at any moment.’
ME: ‘Ok, hope you are alright.’

About 20 mins later…

HE: ‘Listen, is it okay if I give your contact information to them?’

Uhm, he has about 50 family members who live all around him. No response.

HE: ‘Ok, they came. They said I’ll be okay.’

About 5 mins later…

HE: ‘Do you have any plans for tomorrow?’

LOL – What. A. Freak. ;-/

6 Comments on “Ex-Text of the Day…F.A.D InSanity.”

  1. are you f*cking kidding me? what a fitting name for this guy. Psycho! i feel you girl i would have not wanted to respond but just being “nice” i would have been like are u dead yet….just kidding (not really)

    on a lighter note! thanks for the award! thats really sweet of you! gonna try to get to it this week…xoxo

  2. He’s so weird! He’s definitely not close to being over you, but won’t get the picture that you’re over him.

    P.S. Thank you for the tag!

  3. Never heard of this one, I think I am too new to your blog, but what a weird way to make contact with someone.

  4. What a DOUSCHEBAG! I wonder if that story was even TRUE or if it was a way for him to get you to answer him!?!?!?

    One of my exe’s pulled the “death in the family” card on me so that I would answer a text. When I replied saying, “OMG, I am so sorry, what happened and to who???” He replied, “Me, I am dying w/o you!” UGH! ASSHOLE!

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