Luckily enough, I hadn’t heard from psycho FAD in a while and was super happy about it…until today –

HE: ‘My tooth was hurting me all day today.’
HE: ‘I took some painkillers to get rid of the pain.’
HE: ‘I think I took too many.’
HE: ‘Just called my dentist, he said to call the ambulance since I may have overdosed.’

Ok, lying or not, I’m not that evil, so I text back…

ME: ‘Did you call the ambulance?’
HE: ‘Yes, they should be here at any moment.’
ME: ‘Ok, hope you are alright.’

About 20 mins later…

HE: ‘Listen, is it okay if I give your contact information to them?’

Uhm, he has about 50 family members who live all around him. No response.

HE: ‘Ok, they came. They said I’ll be okay.’

About 5 mins later…

HE: ‘Do you have any plans for tomorrow?’

LOL – What. A. Freak. ;-/