My (now ex) boyfriend broke up with me a few weeks ago because he’s going to the west coast for a new job. He says he wants to remain friends bc “we will always understand each other”. I really wanted to try the long distance thing, but he felt he couldn’t do it. This makes me even more upset because I would have tried for him. Since our official break up, he has been calling/texting me non stop mostly for help in his apartment search and advice on what to do when he gets there. He even asked me if he could call me and get advice when he starts to “make new friends” out there. I’m not stupid but I still love him and feel like maybe when he moves out there he’ll miss me enough to work things out.

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No, you are not stupid. You still love this guy and it’s prob driving you nutz trying to figure out why he couldn’t give the relationship a chance to work out across coasts. Since I love to bullet point, here are some things for you to think about:

  • Your ex felt that the relationship was not worth the distance. This actually means he does not feel YOU were worth the distance.
  • A guy who truly loves you will always find a way to work things out (or at least try his best to do so) and would never want to lose you.
  • The fact that he calls/texts you for advice (espesh for “making new friends” aka – new dates I’m sure), means that he wants to have one of those ‘one-way’ friendships, where you give him your time & input. If he couldn’t at least try to work on a long distance relationship, then you shouldn’t try to continue a long distance friendship with him. 

You’re worth someone better doll. Trust me. 

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