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Fantabulous JustJen tagged me for Crazy Eights ;->

8 Things I Look Forward To:

1. Summer weather.
2. Having Girls night to watch HWONJ next week.
3. Receiving my First Tycoon book in the mail.
4. Getting my hair done with my fav hairdresser.
5. Finally ordering the repro of the Seurat painting I love.
6. Eating Kobe sliders this wknd.
7. Updating Summer wardrobe w. tank dresses and T.Burch sandals -shopping!
8. Meeting an awesome guy.

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Updated Blog.
2. Wrote draft of proposal.
3. Made a quick trip to Fedex to mail out a Gucci Bag I just sold on Ebay.
4. Switched to decaf.
5. Went to the gym.
6. Switched back to regular.
7. Answered emails and made plans with long unseen gf’s
8. Finally tried Bare Minerals Make-up.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Prioritize business projects.
2. Get my abs perfectly flat.
3. Teach my pup how to ‘bring it back’ after fetch.
4. Have a steady sleeping schedule.
5. Finish my online french lessons.
6. Drink more water.
7. Eat more veggies.
8. Travel to my dream destinations – one day!

8 Shows I Watch: I don’t watch 8 but these are the ones I do…

1. Current season of Housewives of…
2. Millionaire Matchmaker
3. Diners, Drive-ins & Dives
4. SATC reruns
5. CNN: Situation Report

8 People I Am Tagging:

1. ParkAvenuePrincess
2. Kelly @ my so called fabulous life…
3. Amy @ Frantic Mom and MORE
4. WileLove
5.Good Gals Inc
6. Amy’s Quest to Skinny
7. Chanel Fashionista

7 Comments on “Tagged! Crazy Eights ;->”

  1. i used to have perfect abs… it was awesome. but that was like 9 years ago and before the baby… i’d love to get my old body back!

  2. thanks for the tag! I will do that soon! Oh and thanks for the Longchamp tip – I was hoping I could find one on sale before I leave!

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