I use the mobile version of an online dating site on my Droid. But, that’s more like mobile-access, not mobile dating. Mobile dating, or Dating 3.0 (as I like to call it), is the use of an app specifically dedicated to using your cell phone’s background processing capabilities to deliver profiles to your cell based on your real-time location.

Without revealing any private information (only your screen-name, common interests & location proximity), MeetMoi NOW notifies you with potential matches that are near by and  allows you to engage in a conversation with them.

With its “Always-On” feature, the app constantly offers matches based on your location & time. So, you never know what amaze peeps are in your area…your future beau could be found while on your way to Sbux!!!

To get the app: search ‘meetMoi NOW’ in the Android Market, or text ‘Android’ to 94810.

For more screenshots please visit my post on the Mobile Mod Squad.

So, dahlings…have you ever mobile-dated??? Would you ever try it???