No not Sporty Spice, Sporty date! So, in the past I have been asked out on the oh-so “let’s try something different”sporty-themed date, which usually involves either golf or tennis. Since I live in Midtown (hi) the tennis idea never usually pans out, so I would be relegated to a squash match (yes, I said squash).

My preference would be the golf dates (ok, so it isn’t 18-holes, but the driving range at Chelsea Piers – which I love, btw). I mean I am not about to drive to LI with someone I hardly know – hello! Plus I have my own glove (yay!) and felt it was a little less sweaty than squash (oh shush).

And I’ve renamed my Rachel Ray outfit as the Recessionista version, considering our current economic crisis – I’m on your wallet’s side darlings!!

Sporty Date:
~ Cashmere/Cotton Polo, Wide leg Pant~