So, you may be wondering why I haven’t written about any guys lately. Because they aren’t any to write about! Yup…no one. Nada. Zilch! Pathetic honestly…

It seems as though as the economy is drowning, so are any potential prospects. You would think there would be at least a few…nope!

Actually, there were 2 different prospects I had been chatting with for a few days. After being subjected to an awful drawn out questionnaire process, of which I had preferred not to be apart of, it seems that all my “best matches” prefer to go through a painful series of multiple choice questions (ex. “what would you prefer to do on a Saturday night”, or “what do want from a potential partner”) before they get to the freedom of the oh-so-personal email exchange.

If I have to be put through a serious of questions, I expect to answer one email and then move on to a telephonic conversation please. Is this so much to ask? Why are some guys so scared of the phone?? Why?

Arizona guy (stop laughing), is addicted to emailing me different versions of the same question (“How is New York? “, “What is it like to live in New York”, “Is New York as tough as they say?”). SHUT UP ALREADY!!! Finito ArizonO!

Colorado guy (stop laughing, ski buffs are hot), sent me his ‘final’ questions before the elusive email exchange, asking me what I was looking for in a partner. I gave my usual ‘honest with sounding desperate’ response and guess what happens next? He sends me a follow up email asking me, “Besides your beauty, what else do you have to offer a man, your future partner?” NEEEEEEXT!

Maybe I should have sent Colorado guy a pic of me gutting a moose. Sexy.