So jerk face & I were supposed to go to the movies on the weekend, remember? Well, he wanted to move it from Saturday to Sunday because he had to work on Sat. Fine. I couldn’t make it on Sunday because I had to work. Fine. I asked him when he was free, he tells me “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday should be fine, any of those days.” Fine. We plan on Tuesday eve for the movie. After talking to my gf, I decide a movie would be a terrible first date, or whatever this encounter was supposed to be, so I text him saying “Let’s just meet for drinks on Tuesday eve because I will be working late anyway.” He says,”That’s fine, we’ll speak tomorrow”. Tuesday comes and I actually end up working way later than anticipated, so I text him “I’m going to be late”. He texts back “No problem, let me know when you’re close to finishing”. Work ends later than I thought, so I call him after I’m finished, to apologize.

Me: “Hi, I am so sorry I just finished, today ended so much later than I thought. I really wanted to meet up too!”
He: “No problem, I understand.”
Me: “Are you free tomorrow, because I am, so if you are that would be great.” (didn’t he say M/T/W, he was free??) “Btw, you sound really tired are you okay?”
He: “Yea I went out last night (on a Monday? dayam!). Ahh, I’m not sure what I’m doing tomorrow. But I will call you and let you know.”
Me: “Great speak to you then and have a good night.”
He: “You too, bye.”

So having not heard from him for most of the day, I figure he had some amazing plans that he couldn’t wait to experience. 9pm, I get a text.
(via text)
He: What are you up to?
Me: Just coming back from the gym, what about you.
He: Going to the pub (where we had originally met), to meet some people.
Me: Oh okay:-).

And that was it. Dude sux.

Update: 11pm tonight
(via text)
He: I’m staying here, are you going out?
Me: Staying where?
He: At the bar. (same pub)
Me: Oh, no I’m prob staying in, plus your friends there are weird.
He: Yea, they”ll prob be here later on.
Me: Anyway, let me know if you would like to make new plans.
He: Will do.

Puhlease – go suck it Andrew.