I wonder how many people (chicks) watch these 2 reality shows on WEtv. It’s not that I’m necessarily obsessed with the getting married or the actual wedding ceremony itself, it’s just interesting to see how women can celebrate their vows in different ways. I actually like both shows equally because while Platinum Weddings gives you a look into the fantasy celebrations very few of us can ever afford (35k wedding cake, cigar bars, casino tables after reception, flying ribbon dancers, helicopter arrivals, you get the point right?). 

Bridezillas juxtaposes these extravagances by giving us an inside view on the probably more common super-budgeted wedding (self-made invites, 99-cent store vase table centerpieces, bridesmaid gowns pulled from a sales rack, etc.).

I envision myself somewhere more around the mid-budget arena, that is if I ever have a wedding (which is highly unlikely since I don’t even have a boyfriend at this point).

Of course, if I had my choice I would splurge for the Platinum version with turquoise & gold as its color scheme. My dress would probably be a fitted one with crystals adorning the strapless bodice that would flow into a mermaid bottom and it would preferably be designed by the geniuses behind Marchesa.

I would imagine the reception would be in Manhattan since I love it here.

Having been to a Manhattan wedding before, it just exudes the kind of cosmopolitan grandeur that I would love to have on my own special day. See, I haven’t really spent that much time thinking about my pretend wedding at all 😉

image: HBO/ New Line Cinema,