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Sooo, the other eve I caught an epi of Millionaire Matchmaker. On it was a millionairess poker champion who was looking for true love. Patti set her up on a date w. a potential match and things did not fare well since the millionairess took the lead in planning the date & even bringing her gay husband along for the first half of it.

Anywho, at one point Patti explains to the millionairess that in order to find the right guy she needs to ‘let a man act like a man’ and let him take control of the date, other wise she will never find true love (although Patti is currently single, it doesn’t mean she can’t help others find their potential soul mate & give helpful advice…right?). Then Patti says –

“I would give up my entire business, my entire career to find true love”.

Seeing that Patti has had much success in building her business with the show, books and other media outlets, this statement surprised me.

So I’m just wondering…

How difficult is it to have a successful career & find true love? Do any of you dolls have both or know someone who does? Please share…


7 Comments on “Question About True Love…”

  1. I can imagine it’s not easy. It’s a simple time equation too right – when will you have time to meet your potential true love? I definitely believe true love exists for each of us, but the hard part is meeting that person and at the right time for both people.

  2. I guess it works differently for everyone…I don’t know 🙂 Some people are just unwilling to give up on careers even though they want love. c’est la vie!

  3. Yes, me.

    When my husband-to-be and I first met, I lived in Miami and he lived in Chicago. We both had family in our respective cities, homes we were happy with and jobs we liked. We went about deciding who would move would depend on who found a job first – a very fair process. In the end, the job hunt was the biggest challenge and we decided that one of us would just have to move. In the end, that was him.

    I think that you may have to find a way to make it work, yes, but I wouldn’t give up my career for him or for us, unless I wanted to. Even in all the moves we’ve made to new cities, both of our jobs were considered equally.

    I dont’ like Patti’s advice at all. If you are mature and the guy you are with is mature then you will respect each other and find a way to work it so you both can be happy and fulfilled.

  4. i think both people have to be in the same places in their lives. both have be to be passionate about their careers, so they can understand what the other person is going thru.

  5. I love nothing more than to come site at my computer and read dating services blogs! It is hard to go and date, as I know once my boyfriends read my blogs… keep blogging though, you are helping more people than you know 🙂

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