Sunday Night Cap: The Virtue of Patience

Written by on Wednesday, August 13th, 2008 with 0 comments

Ok, so it’s not Sunday, but I couldn’t finish this post then, my hangover headache kicked up like ten notches…

You would think that after dating this long, I would understand the opposite sex just a wee bit more. Negative. But sometimes you get thrown in for a loop, as in Andrew’s case. Let me rescind my previous statement: Andrew is not whack. Actually he’s quite the opposite – really sweet. Turns out he was apartment searching last week, which is why he couldn’t make definitive plans (remember the potentially ill-fated “will do” text?). Well he indeed found one, a studio in UES, which makes me like him even more, ugh.

He texted me on Saturday asking if I was going to my gf’s rooftop party (I had told him about it beforehand & invited him to join). I told him I was going and if he wanted to come we can go together. We took a cab down to LES and headed to the party. I only knew one or two other people there besides my gf, but it didnt matter anyway bc Andrew & I were hanging out together the whole time catching up and talking. We had a really great time. He’s totally socially adept and super funny, which is soo freakin’ attractive, ugh. Anyway, before leaving we said our goodbyes to my gf & her bf. While I was talking to her, instead of waiting for me to finish, he went over to her bf and made an effort to chat him up for a few minutes (such a boyfriend thing to do). Ugh.

We headed over to the now infamous pub (his stomping grounds) and we hung out there until closing. Had great convo & drinks and he even started opening up about some personal family stuff (thanks to the vodkas he was downing), which I take as a good sign…but I won’t over think or assume anything, of which I usually do INCESSANTLY.

He walked me to a cab and we made tentative plans of dinner and maybe a movie for Sunday, which it was already. Nine hours later he called and it was assumed we wouldn’t meet up that night due to mutual hangovers, so we made plans to meet up early in the week. I will say that he is definitely making an effort to work around my ever changing schedule. Really sweet 😉

Because I rarely meet/date guys who are not obvious in their pursuit of the hook-up, that when I come across one, like Andrew, it’s so much easier to be myself because I don’t have to stress out about being precociously manhandled. Or maybe that’s his M.O.? Hmm, we shall see…

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