10. Mass Email / Pointless Email: an email with nothing specifically referenced to your profile (sometimes happens on Match) – “Hey, saw your profile, send me an email back if your interested!” (These guys are just waiting to see, in general, who responds back to them).

Or emails that don’t really ask anything (sometimes happens on eHarmony) – “Hi, let’s chat sometime.” (Is it really hard to ask something or make an effort for some kind of conversational email??).

9. Incomplete Profile: profile states, “my likes: walking, talking”. Ahh yeah, pass.

8. Unclear in terms of what they are looking for: “I’m just looking for cool new friends.” Guys, high school ended a long time ago – puhlease!

7. ‘Type of Female they are looking for’- Preference section is blank: he has no preferences?? Yea right!

6. ‘Type of Female they are looking for’ – Preference Section has too many preferences: ex. – only prefers redheads who are 5’10”, 110pds & b/w 21-23 y.o.?? Tooo picky and prob shouldn’t be!

5. Living Status: guys 30 and up (or maybe even 28 and up) who have roommates or worse, live with their family? Shows lack of maturity and ability to establish a lifestyle of their own. Grow up please.

4. Family Status: kids live away from home/in home/close to home…doesn’t matter unless you are okay with Insta-Family – move on.

3. Height: this is the most lied about attribute for guys. Any guy who says they are a “short- 5’10” or anything 5’10” and under…subtract 1-2 inches from their listed height.

2. Weird Usernames: “Sarcastic Todd”; “Hardcore69”; “#1 Hottness”; “Beer & Cupcakes”. No and no and no and no.

And the #1 Online Dating Profile Red Flag is

1. Unclear Pics / No pic at all: no frontal face pic? no full body pic? Or only one pic and it’s a profile shot? Probably got hit with the ugly stick!!