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by @KimberleeVDW

We all have that friend that we turn to for advice. They are full of infinite wisdom. Well for many of my friends that person is often to me. I am brutally honest and cut through the bull, which they appreciate. I also enjoy giving advice because I want to help my friends.
But I don’t always take my own advice.
As I get older I’m learning to take my own advice better. I think we’ve all been in the situation where friends tell us that the guy we’re seeing is not a good guy or don’t pursue a relationship because of all the flags. Do we ever listen? No. Why not? It’s not like our friends are trying to misguide us. I often ignored my friend’s advice and warning signs and have headed down disastrous relationships that took me months to end.
 It is exhausting.
I often reflect back at all the people who tried to stop the crashing train and felt awful for not listening to them. Yes, we need to make mistakes and learn hard lessons but how many times do you need to make the mistake to learn the lesson? 
I say it’s okay to skip the “lesson” of a bad relationship if you are already seeing the warning signs. Save yourself the trouble. Save your friend’s the effort of constantly talking you off the ledge. And when you find yourself in the situation where you’re the one giving out advice, remember it! Remember it for when you’re in that situation again. Sometimes the best advice comes from within. 
What advice do you wish you took more often?
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